Back to work blues again?

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Yes it's here! New year, new year's resolutions, fresh start, refreshed attitude. Wow! It's all great or is it? It is a reality check really. We've been back to work again already and the holidays are but a distant memory. How many of us are actually still stuck in the same job, doing the same things and feeling the same way as before the holidays? I'm far from being negative. It is life.


We get up at the same time, do all the routine things and run out of steam before the day is through. We even try to change small things like what we eat for lunch. We may have abandoned those high carb sandwiches for an exciting refreshing salad, just to warm us up on a cold winter's day ('steady now!!') We may have even swapped our daily commute in the car for a bike ride. But really, the job is the same, the work is the same and the feeling of being forever drained is still predominantly creeping up on us. 

It may be natural to feel the blues this time of year. We are neither here nor there. The christmas tree and decorations have gone and all we have left is the residual chocolates and biscuits that we are gracefully trying to avoid eating. The weather is getting colder and all we really want, is for it to snow so hard that we dream of a day off with our PJs on all day, hibernating like a fluffy squirrel that's lost it's nuts. Or perhaps we love the snow and cold weather but the dark misty days don't fair up to our lack of Vitamin D levels from sunlight. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is another problem. Some people may even prefer to get a light box, free of harmful UV rays or stay snug by the fire but it ultimately still limits our enjoyment. undefined

Back to work blues normally feels like the dread of the pressures that are yet to hit us. What are the new things (that are actually just reinventing the wheel and didn't need fixing in the first place) that we will have to do? Will there be any new faces, or strange situations or will the day just drag on and on? Sometimes it is our perception of things as we think they are. Rest assured that there are ways forward. We don't have to be forever bound by a life of cynical monotony. We can do things for ourselves to make life easier for us! I will go through my top five tips here, that can help you to change your perception. I hope it helps you and if it doesn't, then well I hope you've had a laugh!!

1) Gratitude. Start by finding those small things to be thankful for. Wake up each day and keep a gratitude journal. Make an entry everyday! It could be a family member, a coworker or your boss, your house, your car, your health, the fact that you have a bed to sleep in or your health. Find something each day that you could not do without. Saying thank you for yourself to start with and then to others will help you reflect on the things you already have. It sounds obvious but it really does affect our feelings for the rest of the day. (More on this topic in another blog.)


2) Have a laugh. 

Sharing good humour and surrounding yourself with people that lighten your mood, can only be of help. Even if it is small talk to start with, sharing a joke and making people smile will make your day brighter and uplifted. It can diffuse difficult situations and help take the pressure off all the great demands you encounter. It also makes you and others around you more resilient. Be sure to include as many people as you can and keep off personal jokes! This will act as a ripple effect and you will bounce off each other's energy.


3) Plan something to look forward to. 

Planning a weekend break away or your next big holiday can really help you pull through these cold weeks. Think of places you've always wanted to go but have never been. What has been stopping you? If it's daunting, think of reasons why the benefits of a great experience will outway the barriers to going. Give yourself permission to dream about it. Find contacts or ask people you know where they have been, to give yourself a better idea of what will suit you. Plan ahead with dudilegence and make all the necessary arrangements to make your dream come true.

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4) Go easy on yourself

Whether it be pressure from deadlines, the mountains of hard graft or paper work that you are surrounded by, cut yourself some slack. This is where your personal efficiency and organisation skills must kick in. Remember to pace your workload and learn from your mistakes rather than dwelling on them. If you are not self forgiving then no-one else is going to forgive you. You are trying your best. Believe it! People pick up on feelings of self doubt when you beat yourself up and this can spiral out of control in a negative manner. It may not always be your fault. Be gentle on yourself as you understand that these things are sent to try us. Push forward like the hero you are and wipe the slate clean with courage and bravery. Remind yourself of all the problems you have overcome in the past and remember those feelings with kindness.


5) Give yourself permission to unwind each day.

Take some time to rest, relax and recover from the day. This doesn't have to necessarily be in the evening. You could wake up a bit earlier to take a breather or it could even be during your lunch break. Allow yourself the space to be on your own for a few hours. If you have a family, enjoy some quality time and feel the energy returning to you. Any form of exercise, meditation or yoga serves the same purpose- to realign yourself and focus on your true self. If you do feel like you are trapped on a treadmill, have a look at my websites. Here I show you how I built a life of time freedom and achieved a work-life balance. I changed my life and learnt new skills from digital mentors. They provided me with a step by step education, that enabled me to have the choice of when I wanted to work and from where, using my laptop, and an internet connection. I really just wanted to spend more time with my family and less time at work. Now I look forward to working. It have given me a whole new lease of life! You will want to look into this- it is certainly worth considering.

Have a fantastic day!

Sheila Emery


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