BE UPLIFTED Love your life.


WOW how time flies when you are being CREATIVE and having a good time it's very uplifting for everone.

The summers are full of activity with a lot of company and family get together's.

Our social beings are stimulated and uplifted as many of us Re Create ourselves and turn back into kids, swimming, boating, water skiing, canoeing, paddle boarding, camping, camp fires, golfing and numerous social events.

There is most often something going on in the town of Huntsville during the evenings to keep people entertained. 

The leaves are starting to turn to their beautiful colors which is a sign in Canada the fall is here and cold snowy Winter is around the corner. The forecasted predictions for this winter of 2017-2018 is a lot of snow. When we were kids the snow banks were often10 ft. tall on both sides of the roads.Sparkeling snow

We loved to walk and listen to the snow crunch underneath our feet as the sun glistened, making sparkling diamonds on the snow.

We loved it when it snowed and we tobogganed down the hills and saw who could CREATE the best snow angels in the fresh fallen snow.

We'd open our mouths and catch the snow flakes on our tongues, the flakes quickly melted and this brought great joy to us.

snow flakesSnow angel

The Autumn of the year used to be a sad time for me as I watched the colorful maple leaves fall to the ground and turn dark. Many plants and flowers died, never to show their beauty again.

Soon I learned about perennials that bloom and grow every summer and display their beauty even after a bitter freezing cold winter.

As I observed many of our friends parents leaving the cold winter behind to head to the sunny south, I thought what a great idea.

We started with 10 days  vacationing in sunny destinations. Our time has extended to 5 1/2 months in southern countries leaving the winter behind for those who enjoy the cold months as we used to.

Each season has it's beauty just like people. we can be like a beautiful colorful maple leaf one minute and turn quickly to a dark brown unattractive leaf on the ground.

We can blame it on the rain, our environment, our circumstances, our financial situations, our backgrounds or life experiences.

Or we can choose to make our lives like the perennial flowers that bloom beautifully and rest up over the winter awaiting the spring to start  sprouting again in preparation to display our beauty.

Do you want to be UPLIFTED and bloom again to display your beauty and share your life with others ??

Would you like to bloom and grow forever ? Physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially and spiritually.

You may be interested in what our Trainers are teaching us, so that you can be creative and grow in all those areas of life.  Click the link below.