Breaking free from traumas

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As a child, I was approached by a group of young boys. One of them asked me what I thought of his shoes. Well, I said that I didn’t really like them. Then the most unexpected thing happened, he pulled a knife and asked me the same question. I can’t really remember well what I did then except that I bust through the group with my bicycle and I was able to escape from them without getting injured physically.

I arrived at a group of friends and told them what happened. They engaged in the fighting mode and wanted to know where it happened. We started to go to the place but as another friend arrived he insisted to play some soccer or something. We never went to the place where it happened.

That’s when I felt I wasn’t taken seriously. Something really scary just happened to me and my friends never even bothered to do something about it. Let alone really ask what happened. And I was still thinking of what could’ve happened and those weren’t the most pleasant thoughts.

As my friends started to play soccer, I went back home. I remember I told my mother about it but that conversation didn’t really go as I thought should have. She just made me feel comfortable, but like my friends, I didn’t feel I was taken seriously. And I don’t even remember what happened after my father arrived home. All I remember is that I was threatened for giving my opinion and that I wasn’t taken seriously after that.

Just know I start to realize that this event actually happens to have two ‘traumas’. I’m not sure if trauma is the correct word as I haven’t told any professional about this. But for this post, I’m just calling it a trauma.

Tony Robbins has explained the success cycle. Everyone has the potential, which is unlimited, to live the lives they dream about living. Now, the results of most people don’t reflect the potential they have. They don’t get into the right action to do so. But here’s the thing, if you don’t believe something is not going to work, you don’t feel certain anymore. You are not going to tap into your potential because you don’t believe in yourself. Therefore, you are not going to get into action and that creates lousy results. The lousy results make your brain speak to you that it told you it wouldn’t work. And so you keep in this continuous cycle.

You got to start with your beliefs in order to create the results that you want. The way you change your believes is starting with visualization. You are going to see the results in advance. Once the mind is certain, the energy will flow there because the potential is already inside you.

What happened because of this event is that I became really silent about showing my opinion. I didn’t really feel safe enough anymore to say what I thought. Besides whatever I thought wasn’t going to be taken seriously anyway. Or so, that is what I believed. And because I believed that, I didn’t tap in my potential that’s within me and I never really came into action on voicing my opinion. The results were that I stayed quiet.

Luckily, I am now able to see the results that I want to see for myself and what I want from my life. The power of believing in yourself is very powerful and so I’m stepping into my potential and I’m getting into action. I used to avoid groups of people, today I’m going to have dinner with 7 strangers. Which is for me very uncomfortable, but necessary to see the results. Now, I can even see myself taking this cycle or spiral to the next level. This action will increase the potential that is within me.

Here’s the video I watched of Tony Robbins. It has a small exercise for you in it to demonstrate this idea. It’s a small video and the exercise is easy to do.

You can reach the potential that is within yourself! It’s really important to start digging into your mind where you have some thinking patterns where your belief is different from your potential. You really have to dig out those believes and start to create new ones. I’m telling you the power is absolutely great.

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