Changing and breaking habits

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Changing and breaking your daily habits can cause insecurity, uncertainty, a feeling that something isn't not ok or even make you feel that you aren't yourself anymore and that something changed.

And you will do everything to get back to normal, don't you?
That's ok if that's all you want in your life; have a normal, always same life, every-days.

When you feel that's not enough anymore and you want more: eg. more free time, more money or just generally more freedom; you will have to change your circumstances, they have to change with you or you with them. This won't be pleasant and comfortable because breaking habits will mean to you to start getting out of your comfort zone which is "painful".

Recently I have started to give up things on getting forward and progress, because I get tired or just the fear of getting tired stopped me from doing the work. And I didn't even notice it, I just started to bring up excuses, and procrastinate.Changing and breaking habits

This is very common for people.

Eventually I started to see that getting tired was an excuse not to do the work and I noticed more of these such as have snacks here and there just to nibble something, have a cup of tea, do some house chores; anything else but progress.

Changing and breaking habitsSo if you catch yourself making excuses, procrastinate, not progressing, not doing the work, even though you want to, notice it and see the things that are stopping you, getting tired it's not a real reason, nor anything else I was doing.
This is how the subconscious mind tries to fight against unusual things to keep you on track to carry on your habits, which is a survival instinct. For the subconscious mind changes aren't safe, neither is success nor freedom, because these haven't been habits yet in your life. You need to train your subconscious to form new habits.

So start making changes to follow your goals and dreams. It is going to make you feel really uncomfortable and that's going to be painful, but this is the price to grow and get successful, reach your goals and dreams.

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