Building A New Life In A Positive Way


Building A New Life Whether You Have To Or Not

building a new life

Building a new life is unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, something many of us are having to do. I was reading an amazing blog post earlier. It was written by someone I know as he’s building an online business using the same educational and digital systems as I am.  I knew we had a lot in common: Both Scots, although he is living down south, both found ourselves jobless as we approach 50, and both starting again as digital entrepreneurs.  Both building a new life.

We’ve met briefly on Google hangouts and in our business community forums and groups but not yet in person. What he had to say in his blog, which he admitted had been a long and heartfelt process to write was both eloquent and valuable. Valuable that is to anyone – and there are lots of us out there – who finds themselves in a similar situation.

He described how he lost a job he had loved and depended on last year, got another but was laid off after only 7 weeks. He went on to talk about how this had led him to question the very notion of working for someone else. It’s a good question given his recent experiences, which I’m sure many people myself included can relate to.

Building A New Life Without Employment

Neither of us would dispute the fact that there are millions of people in rewarding employment but no one can deny that the opposite is also true. The fact is that there are more people self-employed or planning to be than ever before:  Some 4 million + in the UK alone.

 Some are building a new life because they see opportunity in the digital world, others because they have no choice. Advances in technology and the growth of the online economy make starting a business a far more viable alternative these days.  It’s relatively inexpensive and hassle free to start an online business and move towards self-reliance. That’s why so many people, disillusioned with employment and the traditional economy are doing just that.

What actually is employment for most people anyway? Leaving aside the lucky few who are happy, content and well rewarded, for most it’s a necessary evil. It’s an exchange of time and skill for whatever that is deemed to be worth by someone else. An employee is at the end of the day simply a resource to an employer.

As my friend asks in his blog – if your employer told you he didn’t feel like paying you this week would you turn up? I think not. It’s simply the case that a job has traditionally been a reasonably reliable way of receiving a fixed amount of money at regular intervals. What that amount is will completely dictate the lifestyle you can lead.

It can also simply stop dead when things get rough. When that happens you have a quandary. Do you just try and replace it and accept that you may need to settle for even less or do you decide enough is enough?

Is building a new life something that now looks like a better option? Both of us decided on the latter and both found a good way of taking the plunge (and it is a plunge) into self employed entrepreneurship. There are no guarantees, no safety net, but there is a proven blueprint to follow. There is also a lot of support along the way from those who have already followed it to success.  It has a track record of success when it comes to building a new life.

Building A New Life Could Start Here

So if you are totally content with your current job and the lifestyle it affords you I take my hat off to you. I’m even a little jealous. If on the other hand, things could be better – maybe due to circumstances beyond your control – I can offer something worth at least considering.

It’s an education in both practical digital marketing and perhaps even more importantly in changing your mindset. The link below will let you subscribe to a series of complimentary videos. They’ll introduce you to something new and to a host of people who have used it with pretty remarkable results. Building a new life just might start here.

building a new life

By Dave Menzies

building a new life

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