Challenges, Focus, and Perception

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Have you ever ask yourself the question, "how come two people can have the same exact experience and face the same challenges, but tell completely different stories based on that experience?"  What it really comes down to is focus and perception. Where we place our focus results in how we perceive things which, in turn, affects our abilities to handle incoming challenges in life.

A great exercise to explain this point better is the "old woman/young woman picture." When you look at the image in this article do you see the old woman, the young woman, or both?  What you choose to focus on in this picture determines your perception.


So how do we focus on what is profitable and positive during challenging times?  

  1. Embrace the moment and face the facts.  Sometimes facing challenges is like reading a book:  we need to start at the beginning. 

  2.  Ask yourself relevant questions:

      a.  What knowledge can I acquire and wisdom can I gain from this situation?

      b.  What skills can I develop?

      c.  What resources can I leverage here?

      d.  What step by step plan of action can I develop to move forward?

      e.  How could my success from this empower me to help others in the future?

To sum it all up:  When facing challenges ask yourself, "What are the facts, what knowledge and wisdom can I acquire, skills can I develop, resources can I leverage, action plans can I put into place, and how can my success in these challenges help others face their challenges."

So how about you?  What challenges do you face?  How would you answer the above questions in the face of your challenges and how will they affect your focus and perception?

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