How to change your reality by reprogramming your mind

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reprogram your mind

Studies have shown that by the age of 35, 95% of our behaviors are habits we do without even really thinking about them. We're hard wire to certain thoughts that lead to certain actions and reactions. If we don't become aware of that, our future becomes very much predictable as it's basically going to look like our past. In order to change something in our life, we need to reprogram our mind. Meaning we need to create new connections that will lead to new actions and reactions. This is when we can start creating a new future, this is when our brain becomes a map to the future.

Here are 5 steps you can start implementing today to reprogram your mind:

Identify conflicting ideas

The mind can't hold conflicting thoughts. So it will do what you want. For example, if you want to lose weight but keep thinking that you don't want to go the gym and focus on that cake that looks so delicious, it'll find a way to put up an excuse so that you don't go to the gym and you get that cake. This is why changing a habit is so difficult. And that's why, instead of changing a habit, it's easier to create a new one that will overwrite the old one.

Make a list of these conflicting thoughts. Next to each one, write what you truly want. Write it at present tense, as if it's already in your reality. In our example, it could be "I love going to the gym".

Create this list of affirmations, using the present tense. Make sure you don't focus on what you DON'T want. Focus only on what you DO want.

Make the unfamiliar familiar

The mind loves what it knows. So it will try to keep you in this familiar, comfort zone that is known. It will try to stay away from the unknown as much as possible, using every possible trick it knows. Remember this morning when you decided to start going to the gym? When the alarm rang you had this little voice telling you how comfy your bed was, that it was way too early, it was cold outside, who would be crazy enough to get up to exercise with this weather, and so on... yep, that was your mind tricking you so that it keeps you in this safe, known zone you've been into for years.

In order to control that, you need to make the unfamiliar familiar. How do you do that? You create a new blueprint. Acknowledge that all the beliefs you have as of today create the blueprint of the reality you're currently living in. If you want a new reality, you need a new blueprint as the old one will only keep bringing in the same stories.

Identify the beliefs that need to be overwritten

Become aware of these beliefs, patterns you have that rule your current reality. You can make a list of it and keep it with you as you will add things while you go by your days. Try to see what reactions you have to particular situations that may be triggered by an old belief that needs to be changed.

Create new beliefs for a new blueprint

This comes with using the affirmations you have created previously. Read them daily, pay attention to feeling them when you read them. As I said before, act as if you were in this situation. Using present tense and feeling the emotions that come with the affirmation you're reading out loud.

Meditation is also something you want to consider if you're not practicing it yet. Start with 5min and increase to 10min, 15min when you can. It will come naturally as you practice.

Choose your words wisely

It's important to act in a way that is consistent with how you define yourself. Words are so powerful. They define our reality.

Choose a language that will help you change how you feel. Use words that define the reality you want to create. The more empowering, the better.

If you start implementing these tips daily, you will start to see a shift in your life. I find this video from Dr. Joe Dispenza very helpful to clarify all this.

Now again, this isn't an easy process. It is simple, but not easy. For most of us, the body has become the mind. Reprogramming your mind means you are the mind again. You are in charge.

To achieve that, it takes energy, consistency. It's a daily effort but one that is so worth it. After all, you have nothing to lose but to stay in a reality that you don't want anymore. So what do you think... worth trying it?



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