Consider A Gap Year From Everyday Life

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Now there's a thought!  Consider A Gap Year From Everyday Life!  If this was a text message on my mobile the emoticons would be lining up - dancing lady, smiling winky-face, laughing til I'm crying face, one eyebrow raised face ... and so it would go on!  This idea really appeals to me, for more than one reason.

After being a mother for 20 years, my chicklet is ready to fly solo - and so am I!  It's been mostly a very serious 20 years, and in that time I have definitely lost some of who I am.  The me who is not a mother, not a hardworking, corporate ladder climbing employee, not a nurturer, not a homemaker ... so many "nots" ... the me who, pre-motherhood, was a gypsy, carefree, funloving, far less serious and far more fun to be around.  A gap year could help me re-discover that me.  Yes, I will Consider A Gap Year From Everyday Life!

What would I do in this gap year?  I can't do absolutely nothing, would go out of my mind (after three months or so) and it's certainly not within my means at this stage of the game.  How about teaching English in Asia, or Europe, or South America?  I could go with TESOL or TEFL - either one, though being from the Southern Hemisphere, I tend to lean toward Australian-based TESOL (sorry TEFL).  Both these organizations run courses in the destination countries where you can complete their training and, all going well, secure employment.  I would probably go for adult ESL classes, not being a trained teacher and all.  Oh yes, I could definitely Consider A Gap Year From Everyday Life! 

And then what? (yes I know, you shouldn't start a sentence with "and" - that's the joy of blogging, I think its called artistic license or something).  I have a plan for that too, those emoticon's would be lining up again around about here.  I would work on my digital business whilst teaching, grow it and develop it whilst experiencing different cultures, different environments.  They say a change is as good as a holiday.  I am sure that creative juices flow better in new surroundings, there are benefits to that too!

I can't be alone in this thinking, perhaps you too would Consider A Gap Year From Everyday Life!  Whilst you are doing that, how about building your own online digital business?  It's a fabulous opportunity - click on the link below and learn more - there's no harm in weighing up your options.

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