Deciding to follow and commit to my DREAM

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When I was fifteen I decided that I was going to be a pianist.

That's right. I took a decision and that was it.

It was a gut feeling. Or it became a gut feeling after a lot of things happening around me.


I'm now fourteen. 

In school I'm trying my best not to commit social suicide each and every day. People are mean. Especially certain uncertain people in their mid-teens.

In school I play the piano as often as I can. There is a small room in a corridor a bit off from the rest of the building. I could go there and ask for permission to spend some time in a room on my own just shredding away. 

This was my escape. That and killing it with table tennis.


...things where quite different. I was doing downhill skiing on a quite serious level. Practise four times a week and going off to competitions every other weekend. 

I love skiing! But I did not love competing and I was not in love with winning. I didn't see myself as a winner. I always knew who would win regardless my efforts in the slopes.

And therefore I didn't commit to it. Mentally that is.


and I've been accepted to a very prolific skiing school. The likes of Anja Pärsson, Jens Byggmark...Ingemar Stenmark all have been doing their thing around that place.

I was torn apart.

Especially since my grades weren't the best. They were above mediocre but no better.

My dad wanted me to go to that skiing school. He said:

"Of course you will go there! You can play the piano anywhere anytime! This is a one shot opportunity!"

Mom said:

"Follow your heart. You know what you want to do."


I was accepted to the ski school. I had an application to a music school but didn't know until THE VERY LAST week of school wether I'd be able to go there. But I was accepted!

So I had to make a choice. A choice that would either take me to a full on pro skier education or one that would let me dive straight into my music business.

The thing is that music was an escape for me all this time. I used it to escape bad feelings and bad places.

At first I said:

"Of course I'll go skiing! I'm all excited and I dream of being a great skier!"



It felt all weird inside. I couldn't pin point the exact feeling but it was just wrong.

So I told mum that I would make the call to the ski school and decline.

I felt excitement again. Joy creeped in. This is it!

I made the call. It was very non-dramatic.

After this I had to face my father who was very upset.

But he came around. He's been convinced time and time again that I am serious with my music business.

And I know that


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