Create your own Reality- Abraham Hicks


Hi there, I am Alex and I welcome you to the "teachings of Abraham".

I myself have stumbled upon "Abraham" at the beginning of 2018 and since then, my life has changed in a way that is beyond telling.

Now my greatest goal is to reach and share as much as I can, which I think could be of great HELP and VALUE with others.

No matter what kind of problem or issue or life circumstance you have or still are experiencing.

As you follow "the teachings of Abraham" you will discover a whole new way to look at things. 

Answers to questions that you probably didn’t even know to ask will be revealed to you in a way of Ease and comfort.

I make it my mission to share as much as I can of what I have learned and experienced about and through "Abraham".

If you wish to get a quick introduction, please check out my article "who is Abraham". "Who is Abraham"

P.S. Every time I mention the word "we" in the Article: we = Abraham.


Acknowledge how you deliberately CREATE your own REALITY

If there is something in your life- and we acknowledge as we see you. We know- you are doing extremely well.

You are living "good lives" - comparatively speaking, as you look around other humans, 

You are doing FINE.

But comparatively speaking of what you could be doing - you are living mediocrity. Compared to what you could be doing, you are scantily beginning to discover the excellence this time-space reality is holding for you.

You have not even BEGUN to tap into the vibrational "escrow" that you have personally amassed here in this physical life experience.

You have not BEGUN to live what you can live, only because, you do more observing about "what is" than you do "thinking about " where you are going.

As you begin to train your mind to focus upon the things you want, rather than things you’ve got - 

As you begin to care SO MUCH about how you feel, that you guide your thoughts based on their feeling quality,

rather than upon their factual quality-

As you care about how you feel rather than wanting to EXPRESS THE TRUTH of a thing…..

There are a lot of things that are true, that you don’t want.

And yet you feel virtuous because you express the truth.

And we say " If you keep beating the drum of things that are true, that you don’t want, you keep creating more things that you don’t want that are true. 

In other words: The Law of Attraction does not discriminate, and that is a wonderful thing about the Law of Attraction.

It allows you your freedom.

You are so free- you can choose "bondage".

And so as you begin to understand that this powerful Law of Attraction is ALWAYS CONSISTENT and you begin to watch its evidence.

As something happens that is wonderful- acknowledge that as it happens - it feels like "this" and leading up to it you felt the same.

And then announce to yourself and anybody else who is listening and interested: "I DID THAT"!

When something that you really do not want happens in your experience and you feels the manifestation of it, and you feel how it feels.  And then you feel for other things you have been thinking, that felt LIKE THAT-

then announce to yourself and anybody else who is listening and interested: "I DID THAT"!

And as you begin to show yourself that you have control over what manifests, you recognize the thoughts that led up to it.

And now you might ask yourself: "But what about those things that come out of the blue?"

And we say: NOTHING comes out of the blue. It comes out of the OBLIVIOUS.

In other words: nothing comes out of the blue if you are aware of the way you feel. And you can start right now.

The next thing that happens, that is big in nature, that feels either really GOOD or really BAD-

Settle into it and say "oh I can really feel this" and then reach for recent thoughts that evoked that same feeling and say to yourself: " I saw this coming, I sensed it coming, I felt it coming, I knew it was coming"

Expectancy is about being aware that this behavior brings forth this Experience.

……to be continued

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