Depression - Purpose and Distraction

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It is a continual battle fighting the drain and draw of depression and for me, one great fighting tool is the art of distraction.


As I sit in a local coffee shop working on my laptop after having my fortnightly piano lesson I am thinking of ways to distract my mind from thoughts that lead to depression. To remember things that help me feel good and keep me moving forward, and things that help me fight the natural human instinct to stay away from things that are uncomfortable that the mind instinctively tries to steer me away from like pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

For me, one distraction is my Piano. I have always tinkered on the piano as my Grandad always played and when he passed away a few years ago my aunt inherited the piano but generously agreed to give it to me. But, as a tool of distraction, my Piano doesn't work every time, what happens when I'm too tired to concentrate?

Having goals and purpose is key to maintaining productivity and taking action, which is the key to moving forward and fighting on. Mastering these is a long journey but daily activity in these areas does create long-term and positive changes. I myself have been learning and practising these on and off for years, but the only time it works is when I practice them daily without fail. 

Discipline is key for this but also very difficult in its own right to master and it all comes back to goals and motivation, which as I said are driven by a purpose, a reason, your why. Finding your why is imperative but again can be very difficult for some people. I envy those who know their purpose, the ones who know they have to play football or basketball, those that know they were born to entertain etc, but what about the rest of us like me at 40 years still hadn't found my why and my purpose. 

Here's a 12min video I pulled off YouTube featuring a huge mentor of mine, Tony Robbins, that resonates with what I'm trying to say here -

I can tell you that the universe works for you when you open yourself up to it and seek your answer. And my answer came in the form of Stuart and Jay who are my mentors and helped me find my way, helped me find my why, helped me with personal development and to create a business where I can use my experiences to help others, providing me with the tools I needed to move forward. 

I talk very openly about depression as I want to allow others to open up to me about their depression so that I might help them find another way in life, a way that will give them hope, purpose and fight through the days that are tough and feel grateful for the days when all is well and contentment and fulfilment come a little easier. I cannot do this on my own but with the support of my mentors, I may just be able to help you.

I strongly believe there is always a way, sometimes it's a hard way but 'possibility' is a word I keep at the front of my mind as I build my business and lifestyle. 

If you feel you are interested in hearing more about the tools I am using for my journey please click my link below and see if the opportunity before you is something you might be able to work with to give you hope and purpose and help you fight back.

I send my best wishes to you all and look forward to being in contact in the future. 

Mark Johnson