Discover The 4 Keys To Happiness, A Look Into The Spirit Of Sam Berns And His Philosophy For Happy Life.

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Discover The 4 Keys To Happiness

What are the 4 keys to happiness? Are there really only 4? Does anybody really know? Well, I guess it is a very personal thing because happiness means many different things to many different people.

Its true to say that we all have issues, some more serious than others, and there are a great many things that can upset our happiness at any given point in our lives. So what can we do to change that, and how can we become more optimistic and ultimately lead ourselves to a better and happier life?

Let me introduce you to Sam.

You may or may not know who Sam Berns is. He passed away at 17 years old in 2014. He suffered from a rare genetic condition called Progeria which causes rapid and premature ageing of the body.

Sam's condition meant he had to mature at a very young age and learn how to deal with it in a more positive way. He had to develop life skills that would serve him and help him to get through life even when it was tough to do so.

There were many things that he was unable to do because of his condition, like participate in many sports and other physical activities because of the fragility of his body. Despite this, he still managed to get around his difficulties and have an incredible impact on his own life and the people that suffered from the same condition.

So what was Sams philosophy and how did he cope with such a debilitating condition and still manage to be happy?

Sam discovered 4 major keys to happiness which continued to serve him throughout his life and enabled him to succeed.

1.)Focus:- He was OK with what he ultimately couldn't do because he realised there was so much he could do.

Sam knew he couldn't change his condition or what it did to him but the one thing he could do was change the way he thought and what he focused on. What you think about yourself is very important and ultimately shapes your life, surroundings and the way you feel. Sometimes we are presented with situations in life that cause us to focus more intensely. For Sam, his condition was a daily occurrence and he knew that he had to stay focused at all times so that he could stay happy and keep moving forward.

2.)Goal setting:- He Kept moving forward and always set targets for what he wanted to do next.

Having clear goals helped Sam stay on target with his purpose, and greatly improved his focus. It also helped direct his attention away from his illness so that he could remain clear about what he set out to do. He realised that he could have things he wanted to do, but if there was no plan to get them done he would never be able to achieve anything.

3.)Community:- He made sure he surrounded himself with people who would uplift him.

Sam knew that he couldn't do what he did alone and he could not afford to be surrounded by the wrong people. Having people who provided him with a strong support system helped him to go forward in times difficulty. A strong community doesn't fuel weaknesses but encourages your strengths. So make sure you forge the right friendships to empower you in times of hardship.

4.)Last but not least, never miss a party if you can help it!

Maybe we won't go as far as having a party but we all need some downtime so we don't burn ourselves out. Sam knew the importance of this and put aside time for his social activities and relationships with others. It was another essential part of his plan.

As you can see Sam had clear and actionable steps to help him to move forward in life. He set goals focused on what he wanted to do, and made sure that he was supported by a good team people. There were many things that could have stopped him but he chose to overcome them and pursue his dreams anyway.

Always remember that it doesn't matter what you are faced with in life because you always have an opportunity to make a difference, serve others and ultimately lead the life you have always dreamed of.

If you have any questions please contact me on my facebook page. I would be more than happy to hear from you. I hope you found this article useful and that you will apply the 4 keys to happiness to see how they work for you.

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