Discover Truth and Conquer Fear

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Sometimes we struggle to move forward in our lives because fear holds us back.  One of the simplest ways to overcome fear is to be able to think clearly enough to get past our strong emotions in the moment and discover the relevant facts in our situation.  

A Humorous Story on Conquering Fear

  1. First, how does fear keep us from discovering the truth?  To answer this question, I'm going to tell a humorous story.   The story is told of the barking dog who would chase a young boy daily as he walked home from school.  After many incidents of being chased by this loud animal, the young boy finally had enough and turned to face his fear.  To his surprise, the dog had almost no teeth!

This experience is a good illustration of how many of our fears seem threatening to us until we finally face them.  When we face them, we can see the truth and be free from our fears.  


So what are some of your fears?  What specifically about the object or subject of your fears scares you?  Are the reasons for your fear-based on fact or fiction?  Is your fear "False Evidence Appearing Real?"  What are some specific and practical things you can do to overcome your fears?

Remember the truth will set you free so you can conquer your fears!

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