Disintegrated People

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What are "Disintegrated People"

Disintegrated People

Simply put, disintegrated people are those of us who have not brought into harmony aspects of our lives resulting in intrapersonal (within ourselves) and interpersonal (socially) conflict.  Frustration, confusion, loneliness, and conflict many times are some of the fruit of this lack of harmony. 

What Causes Disintegration?

So what leds people to this state of disintegration? There are a couple of causes of this and the factors that cause us to be in this state may be a single factor or a combination of factors.

  • Unprocessed pain and/or trauma growing up.  When we were children we didn't have the emotional maturity, thought processes, and frame of reference to process all of our growing up experiences in a healthy way.  As a result some of them can hang on well into adulthood and affect how we perceive and respond to situations and current life experiences.
  • Unprocessed and/or incorrectly processed present or recent past adult experiences.  Whenever we bury or ignore what we are feeling altogether, we set ourselves up for potential emotional challenges in the future.  Unexpressed feelings will be expressed some time and someplace in the future.  
  • Mental Health Challenges.  There are a variety of mental health issues that can challenge some of us as people.  These could range from mood disorders to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to name a few.   One better known mood disorder is bipolar disorder.  This is known for its manic (high excitement and high energy) and depressive stages (low excitement and low energy).  Just as any mood disorder, these can be managed in a way that will allow for a more productive and fulfilling life through effective professional counseling that results in helpful instructions and a clear course of actions.
  • "The Pendulum Effect."  This state of mind and resulting life decisions has more to do with the "fallout" that follows too much of any one factor in someone's life.  For example, if someone overworks in their lives, there may be a "fallout" later where they are engrossed and/or obsessed with their own recreational self-centered interest.  This is why I chose to use the illustration of a pendulum.  When a pendulum swings too far to one extreme end, it may need to swing to the other extreme end a couple of times before it comes back to center.  In the work/ recreation example, the desire to find meaningful work will not be totally abandoned, but just modified and not brought into harmony completely with recreational pursuits.  Personal relationships may also suffer or be completely destroyed by someone's obsession with this lacking factor in the earlier stage of their lives.

The Solution

Disintegrated People

Although I'm not a counselor, here are some practical insights that might help.  The overriding solution to all of these challenges is to bring everything into balance and harmony.  The first two problems are the result of lack of maturity, ignorance, and/or a performance mindset and lifestyle that omits important times of individual reflection.  Many industrialized nations stress performance in their culture and neglect and/or undervalue quiet times of reflection and relaxation.  Mood disorders can be brought into balance and harmony in a greater way through a clear plan of managing these changes that are relevant to the person's specific challenges and situation through effective therapy.  "The Pendulum Effect" can be brought into balance first through an awareness and admission to the reality of the person's state of mind and choices.  This needs to be followed up with a clear course of action that leads to a more balanced, harmonious, and healthy lifestyle in the long run.

In Summation

Disintegrated people are the result of lack of harmony and balance in key areas of their lives.  The overall plan is to bring back balance and harmony to these areas of life resulting in a healthier lifestyle and more integrated person.

Your Takeaway

So when you look a yourself honestly, are you disintegrated in some areas of your life?  What are the causes of you being a disintegrated person and what plan of action can you take to bring them back into harmony?  

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