Do a little bit more than expected.

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Have you ever found yourself in the position of wondering about what other people could do for you? I definitely have. You know, sometimes you just think that your friends should keep in touch more often or your spouse should be nicer etc.

I guess it's natural to think that way sometimes, but to be honest, it is not a good way to think. Why is that? The reason is that if you do not do anything, then it is a massive error to expect other people to do something for you. It would be like sitting in an empty store, waiting for customers to bring their hard-earned money, even though you don't have anything to sell.

In order to get something from others you have to give something first. In a store you have to provide the customer with something they want or need and only then you receive money. The same thing applies to friendship. You have to give something first, then you can expect something in return.

Maybe it would be a good idea to arrange something nice for your friends or spouse yourself. That puts you in the driver seat and believe me, it is an amazing feeling to do something to other people, they don't even excpect from you. Arrange a party or invite them to dinner or really anything else. The main point is to give something and then most people will reply in a similar manner.

The same principle applies to life and your goals. If you don't do anything to achieve them, it would be foolish to excpect them to come true. The key is to do more than is excpected from you and then you will get the fruitful rewards in life reserved only for the few.

Talk to you soon,

Richard Pulst

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