Do This Every Day And You Can Become Successful


There are a lot of positive mental attitude books out. And since the book; The Secret has appeared, it seems that even more have been published. I've never read The Secret and I still prefer the tried and true books such as Think and Grow Rich, How To Win Friends and Influence People and the like. But the books that teach how to become successful pretty much teach the same regimen. Picture your future. Do this every day, twice a day and you can't help but become successful.

Picture This

Every morning sit quietly and still your mind. Let your mind go blank. Now, picture in your mind how you want to live your life. How much money do you have in your account or, accounts? What kind of house do you live in? What kind of car do you drive? Do This Every Day And You Can Become Successful                                                            (

Anything that has anything to do with your life. Not only see it, feel it, If you have an Olympic size pool in your back yard, what temperature is the water? How does the seats in your BMW or Mercedes Benz feel? What does it smell like? Whatever you want in your life see it in your mind. And experience it through your senses. Meditate on this for ten to twenty minutes every morning.

Write These

Daily, write your story on how you want to live. Write it in detail like you had your meditation pictured. Don't forget to include how you are creating your lifestyle. How are you earning your income. Please include vacations, restaurants, home cooked meals--by your chef, if you want one. Just let your mind run crazy and free with this. And do it every day. Do NOT take your "holy day of obligation" off. Write these stories seven days a week. Do You Ned A Diploma To Be Successful?                                                                 (

It would be wise to talk about how you feel about yourself. Talk about how positively you see yourself. Write about your positive self image. Tell yourself how much you like and love yourself. When I say that, I'm not talking about some self centered love. I mean accepting yourself as you are. I'm talking about feeling comfortable in your own skin. You'll be amazed how people will treat you differently when that happens. You should also note that you will see people differently. You won't be so judgmental when it comes to other men and women.

Watch This

How do you talk to yourself about you? Are you ridiculing yourself? I hope you are kind to you. When things go bad, do you condemn you? Have a list of favorite cuss words you use on yourself? None of this helps and it only destroys. It destroys your self image and your confidence. It ruins everything you do and you won't see value in the things you do even if they are good. It is not one of those things successful people did when they were coming up in the financial ranks and neither should you. Watch your self talk. Be sure it is uplifting at all times.

Be Forgiving

If you do something that shouldn't have happened, and it makes you feel bad about it...let me give you an example; You are having a bad day at work. No matter how hard you try, nothing you do seems to come out right. The more you do, the worse things get. And you are about to blow a cork and ruin everybody's day with your hateful attitude. That is when you take a step back. Breathe. Refocus and slowly go back to it when you feel ready. Forgive yourself for the past few minutes or hours of the day and tell yourself that all is well and you are doing a great job from here on out. But whatever you do, do not badger yourself into a pile of hate for being so incompetent! Or what ever it was that you may have done.

A View Point

                             Do This Every Day And You Can Become Successful(Reddit)

If anyone else treated you hatefully, how long would you put up with it? My guess is; not very long, right? Why would you put up with it if it is coming from you? You have no right to treat you like that. Even if it is you. Hating and berating yourself is not healthy on so many levels. Just avoid doing that. As a matter of fact, acting as such takes you farther from your desired goals. Now it's going to take longer to get you to your success. Who wants that? You really are a great person. It's just that some of us don't realize it or we have to be reminded of it once in a while. Do the picturing and writing every day. Be kind to you every day. Love yourself every day. And you can be a success.

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