Do you want to be happy?

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Hi loves,

Good morning, afternoon, evening,

As my day is starting I notice an old friend came by (my old thoughts) For a second I didn't want to get up, it is so peaceful in bed, the world out there has so much negativity going on and I have to deal with so many things.

Yeah, let's expend the waking up part?!

It's funny what our brain does to us. When it is noticing something is getting difficult and we feel uncomfortable it starts protecting you, by keeping you away from where those feelings start.

Think about it, as we know life always will have downs. So your brain will always try to protect you and it will be very hard not to listen. It would be difficult to try and focus on how to deal with that.
In order for your brain to feel to protect you, it needed to be warned with fearful, doubtful hesitating thoughts. Basically, al the negative thoughts we have. 
So I believe this is where we need to focus on, the way we look at circumstances.

Let me ask you a question?! 
Did all those negative feelings serve you to something good? Did all those negative feelings kept you happy? No right! 

One more question?! 
How would you want to feel, do you want to be happy? 

Then why are you feeding yourself the contrary?!

If we truly want to be happy, we need to feel it, to think it, to focus on it! We need to feed ourselves with positivity! 
In order to be happy we have to nurture ourselves with valuable, positive thoughts.

Of cores, there will be a moment that it feels impossible to stay positive and we will slip, that's normal we all have those days! But our focus should not be there whatever happens we need to keep our focus on the happy thoughts.

So when life gets hard and you can't see the blue sky behind the clouds, just remember the good things, focus on everything you accomplished, focus on all the positive things in life! And know that the cloud never stays for too long, they always fade away and the beautiful blue sky comes back because it never left we just forgot for a second it was there simply because we couldn't see it.

So just remember the blue sky is always there! Life is always beautiful it's how you look at it!

"Let's share 5 positive things about ourselves and meditate on that today"

As always may God bless you!

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