Does The SFM (Six Figure Mentors) Work? Yes, but.. (Vlog)

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It’s the number one question people ask: Does the SFM, Six Figure Mentors which I'm an affiliate of, work? Yes. But to put in a huge disclaimer, IF you do the work, it’s the same with any education. 'If I go to college, will it work?' It's the same thing, but for some reason in that case people think it's very logical with traditional education and not so logical with digital marketing education. The SFM is not a scheme where you can press a few buttons and suddenly you'll never have to work a day in your life again. The SFM provides you with the tools, the training and the products you’ll need to create a successful online business, but you do have to actually implement what you learn.

The Dream Doesn't Work Unless You Do

If this video did’t scare you about putting in the work to get started on your online business, then watch this complimentary 7 Day Video Series and discover how the digital marketing education the SFM offers makes it possible to live, work and run an online business from anywhere, IF you put in the work:

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