Don't be a sheep!

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Don't be a sheep!

I am not that sort of person that usually tells other people what to do, and I definitely hate speaking behind somebody's back. Don't like someone? Fine then don't act like you do and then backfire behind scenes, that's so false and will surely take away many karma points! 

I do however belive that honesty and moral responsibilty generates more good and places you In a uppgoing spiral. The more love you give the more you receive and also makes you feel blessed tough you might not have anything. However we can not live, breed and eat love that's left for teenagers to figure out.

Money and the possibility to experience more in life goes hand by hand and without them we might not give our children all we would like. Or take care of our old family member's so that they can live in dignity even after no longer be able to provide for them selfes. 

This is probably realy basic information and should be considered common sense. Why are there so so many people doing absolutly nothing to put them selfes in a provider situation then? Everywhere I look I see people complaining about not having this or not having that, speaking uggly of people that actually are successful and beeing really resentfull to those who made it.

Those successfull people took that step for making a better future for them selfes. They studied at night because they where working during the day's. They didn't give up to sit there watching television all day. They followed their vision no matter how tired and insecure they felt.

Those who acctually feel happy when they se other's succeed. Why do they feel happy? Because seeing other's succeed means that you to can get there, they show us that it is possible and we should give them our likes and respect! 

They didn't get there partying all night and just hanging around with friend's all day long. They got there because the had a plan, a vision and most importantly they followed thru and persisted no matter what.

Nothing is for free, everything is earnd by hard work and the ability to not giving up even if nobody believes in you. You must believe in yourself, I wish I only knew that earlier because we will not regret if we do a couple of mistakes during that uprise in life, we will regret that we never tried it.

It has never bin easier to educate yourself and work on your personal development. Yet we also (if not everyone) live in a society that don't force us to go that far. We can get by just by hanging out and be passive. The society has constructed a system where you atleast get somewhere to sleep and something to eat,you dont die if your lazy, you just don't get everything. 

The problem with this is that this system was created out of humanity and the idea that those who truly cannot be productive because they are weak, sick or somehow enabled to provide for them selfes would be taken care of. The system wasn't created so that masses of healthy young and strong people could hang around,checking whats new.

It is your own responsibility and also your right. To get out there, take advantage of all the information you are given (mostley for free by the way) and react. Be productive, whant a change? Make it happen! Need a new house? Work out a plan how to get there? Not happy with your job, not paying enough or it doesn't fulfill you? Then change.

We arev given only one life,one! You don't get that second chance you have to take it. Think, plan and react. It is possible to get there, believe.

Loook at other peoples success and be inspired, they to are humans. It's not that uncommon for real successfull person to come out of absolute poverty, why! I don't have an answer to what inspired them to take on that journey. What I do know is that we are (some of us) spoiled by society, we are not forced to go down that path. We get by anyway,society will take care of you! Will you be happy? Maybe, or not.

That is surely why we hear so many success stories about people who hit rock bottom and they grew , and grew asindividuals to reach their goals! Beacuse they had to, becuse their ego told them, enough, you can do better! 

So why do we wait for that moment in our life that gives us no choice but to fight, fight for our life? So much suffer and tears could have bin saved. I wish the younger me was thought this lesson while beeing young, it's so much harder later in life when you all ready have a family and responsibility.

In fact I think it should be a subject they teach in school, how to be a super productive hunger machine that goes and goes for it dreams. Getting that diploma isn't the finishline, it's only the beggining of something grater,we often seem to forget that. 

Today we are able to reinvent our selfes and change completely what path we want to take and which walk we'd like to walk. That's a gift, something we should be grateful of and take advantage of. Not only do you get a second change but a third and fourth to change your life and vision. The possibility to do better. 

Not so long ago we where born into our "class" and geographical area, and most of us stayed there for the rest of our lifes. But some people standed out and made changes,they dreamed of something else and persisted. They where entrepreneurs in there minds and built the wery system and society we all are privileged to take a part of. They challenged them selves everyday and made you the freedome of choice that you are born with today.

Please be responsible, be grateful and be active. Please cherish success and be inspired by others. Please spread energy and be your vision. It is given to you, go after it!

Lucia Svoboda Publisher And Coach

Myzenmarket Digital Marketing Expert And Publisher Online