Fabulous Fail III

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Fabulous Fail

Part III

In my two previous blogs I talked the Fabulous Fail. I presented my perspective about failure offering three gifts that come in ghastly wrapping paper. You can check out the introduction here: https://digitalbloggers.com/self-improvement/fabalous-fail. There were three gifts identified:

1. It gives you a mirror, so you can see who you are.

2. It shows you what you didn't know about yourself had you not had that specific fail.

3. It will spring board you into an opportunity for deep character development so, you live from a place of integrity.

I must share on of my favorite scripture reference in the King James Bible. Romans 5 explains that sufferings or difficulties such as a fabulous fail produces perseverance; perseverance then produces character; and character produces hope. The unpleasant emotions and circumstances that come to us have value that cannot be weighed, but it is unique to us and produces something distinct. It takes courage to embrace the pain and the discomfort. It is ultimately a decision.  Yes, a fabulous fail will spring board you into an opportunity for deep character development and allow you to live from a place of integrity.  Having a fabulous fail can be painful as it often comes with the disappointment that we were almost certain that we would avoid.  Expectations were shattered but hope is never lost. There will be a settling that ushers in hope to begin or to try again.

There is a peace that comes after a storm. A peaceful calming that speaks so softy and gives the assurance that it is time to step out to assess, and to begin the process of restoration. Sure, things immediately seem out of place, and overturned but the settling is sobering and offers hope that order can be restored. We can gather our strength and begin the work to clean up, throw out what is not viable, and hold on to what is valuable to the rebuilding. All is surely not lost unless the experience is dismissed as tragic and filed away without the acknowledgement of your value and contribution. Certainly, there is value in each of us to be capture and recognized regardless of the outcome of our endeavors. Perhaps with more insight and understanding of self as we pull apart the experience, and have gained more clarity about who we are, and what truly matters to us.

The task of healing and beginning again after a fabulous fail requires a delicate balance to sift through the experience. We’ll find the gems of enlightenment, caution, and insight. Taking pause and care in the sifting will prevent the jagged pieces of pain, and the raw emotions from repeatably inflicting wounds. Graciously and courageously taking hold of the experience will help to extract the lessons learned.  This we do gracefully and skillfully so we do not overlook or throw out what can be salvaged.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. This ends our three-part series, but I look forward to stepping in a new direction next week.  I would love to hear your thoughts. Please like and share if this post has helped in any way. 

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