Focus On The One Thing

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During the step by step training of setting up my online business, I've been reading a good book call 'The One Thing' by Gary Keller. It was recommended by my mentor Jay Kubassek who along with Stuart Ross are the co-founders of SFM, the Six Figure Mentors.

If you feel overwhelmed when starting up your own business then I really recommend this book. It helps you to focus on the most important task, one at a time expanding your awareness. Now let's dive into the book, Gary Keller explains how ‘going-small’ and ‘managing your priorities’ will help you achieve the success you need.

Imagine when you are planning out your day by waking up in the morning, pray for two hours, couple of hours working out in the gym, start your day with work; then after you finished, take lesson about online marketing for two hours because you have a passion for it and finally at the end of the day even though it’s late, you stretch another two hours developing your website.That look like a complete and fulfilled day, but unfortunately that's too much of an activity to do everything.

How Strong Is Your Willpower?

Keller explains that it is possible to do two things at once, but it's not possible to effectively focus on  two at the same time. Even though your willpower can be quite strong, it will not sustain throughout the day because willpower is like a battery, it also needs rest when it is over-used. This emphasizes the fact that, success cannot depend on willpower alone because even willpower will dwindle. Focusing your time at doing several things or multitasking will only make you an average person, and you won’t be able to fully developed in any one of them.

To be successful, Keller explains that the ONE THING principle must be understood and applied. If you can fully understand this principle, then you are on the road to becoming successful.The question to ask yourself is ‘what is that ONE THING that if I do, will make every other thing easier?’

The Most Important Thing

This one thing that is being explained here is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING while ignoring the rest. It means focusing more on what you should be doing rather than focusing on everything all at once. Although we tend to believe that maintaining a balanced life is the key to a successful life, and our energy spread equally for this purpose. However, Keller emphasized, to have the extraordinary result, you need to shift all your energy on that ONE THING , the one that matters the most. I know it is easier said than done but practice form a habit.

You can choose to focus on maintaining a balanced life of doing everything at once (in this manner you will achieve your goal in your own pace), or you can choose to focus on that ONE THING (this will accelerate your achievement). It doesn’t mean you cannot go out nor do other things but the time for other things will be lesser than the time you set for your one thing. The timing is what makes all the difference.


Think about what your ONE THING, in order to fully experience success. This way you will be able to give full attention to your main goal, the dream you have, while giving your best to other importances in your life.

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