Focusing on your Digital Entrepreneur Journey

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“The only one who’s really judging you is yourself, nobody else” -Tame Impala, Alter Ego

The only thing that sucks more energy and life out of you than judging others is worrying about how others are judging you.

When I took up Bikram yoga several years ago I was at first very self-conscious about my lack of yoga experience and not 100% sure I was doing all the poses correctly, so I would look to the other more experienced people at the front of the class or watch their technique in the wall to floor mirror we were all facing. While this did help a little in fixing up a few poses it mostly made me feel crap about not already being lean, flexy and able to turn myself into a human pretzel right off the bat. Not to mention it’s really hard to balance when you’re watching other people wobble and wondering if they’re internally laughing at you falling over. A few classes in our teacher reminded us to focus on OURSELVES in the mirror. Not only did this improve my balance out of sight but I was also able to focus on the small improvements in my form and flexibility from class to class. While I wasn’t able to swing my legs over my head yet I was feeling good about my personal progress and making more progress at a faster rate because I was focussing on MY journey. Without really thinking about it I developed a little mantra that I would say to myself when I slipped up and starting looking to see how everyone else was doing – “Don’t compare yourself to others, you can never be them and they can never be you. Just be the best you can.”

This can be applied to all areas of life, including online business- everyone is on a different path. There are so many external influences and minute choices impacting our lives all the time it’s impossible to be exactly the same (not to mention that would be really boring). Sure a little competition/inspiration due to others can be motivating, but I now believe that learning to create your own definition of success and using the energy that used to be reserved for judging and worry to instead strive to be the best YOU can is going to allow you to better focus on your goals and get you further.

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