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Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great Saturday?

I had a bit of a lie in today and got up at 7.30 (tomorrow will be longer guaranteed). I broke the mould and went to Sainsbury’s instead of Aldi’s for my shopping this morning, I just did not want to drive when I could walk today.

I bought some soya and linseed bread so I could have my beloved Marmite on toast for breakfast. This bread does not bloat me out as much as normal bread does so I can still have my Marmite :-)

Not much to report today as I have done more housey things, clothes washing and changing my duvet, all lovely stuff. I also skyped with my friend in France which was great as we had a good old catch up.

I am at my friends currently and we have been out shopping too. I bought a mirror for my lounge and shopped for our tea which is going to be stuffed mushrooms and veggie burger for me and steak for my friend. We found this brand-new Aldi that is soo clean, it has an M&S feel to it.  So, we have a new slogan for the city tourist leaflets, ‘Your Aldi with an M&S feel’.

Friends are so important and it’s great when you have those who you always have a laugh and a good time with no matter what you are doing.

Spend some time with friends and lift your spirits and have a good old laugh.

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