Get Ahead of Your Anger

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Have you ever had one of those times in your life where very little goes right? And it seems to go on for weeks? And you can litterally feel your blood pressure build up as it pounds in the back of your skull. At that point, you're about to pop the first person who dares to say anything to you. 

Well, a little before that point in time, you should know to get ahead of your anger.

Don't Let It Get Your Juices Flowing

We all have bad days. Sometimes we may even have bad weeks where nothing goes right and we feel as though we have lost control of our lives and even occassionally, our senses. We blow our stack and take it out on everybody to innclude ourselves. 

Be Aware of How You Feel

If you are quick enough, take a second or two to realize that a bad scene is about to erupt. I can't say what will work for you, and I've seen some strange reactions from people when they feel they are about to lose it. But when the pressure builds up in my head and it starts throbbing feeling like the blood pressure is really building, I stop. Take a few really deep breaths and admit to myself that this is going to turn out badly if I keep persuing this situation. I keep close tabs on how I feel. Negative feelings are signals that something is wrong. 

The instant your muscles tighten be aware of what is going on inside of you. What is making you feel that way? Does it have anything to do with memories of the past? Is it something stopping you from attaining your future? Acknowledge these feelings and answers ane tell yourself that these feelings and this situation is not you. Admit that you had something to do with creating this situation, you may not know how you created it, but here you are. Take responsibility for the rough spot you're in and let it go for the time being. Or never pick it up again. At times, if you just leave things alone they go away. I get it; we are all taught about responsibility and handling our own lives. But there are some things that can be ignored and they go away. I like to believe the universe takes over and handles it for us. 

The Aftermath

When the situation is over with, take a few minutes and learn what you can from the episode. What made it go wrong? How could you have managed your temper a little better? Was the situation as bad as it seemed at the time? The answers are inside you. The lessons have always been there waiting for you to explore them.

Then be appreciative for having gone through it. Because it taught you who you really are and how you handle low spots in your life. From that you are stronger and wiser than you were before the whole thing started. Knowing that you have built more character just a little bit makes you a better person. And who doesn't want to be a better person?

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