Getting Rid of Your Poverty Consciousness

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Money, on a higher level, represents value. People will buy your presence and time if you are valuable to them. That is what this economy is about, it is about being of value to others and they appreciate you and reward you, if you so choose, with currency, money, gold, preciousness. Do you then see, as I do, that the connection between two people is about value ? And the better the connection, aka similarity, the better the bond, the greater the reward, the higher the salary.

undefinedWe are very sensitive to value, sometimes we dare not to talk about our salary to someone else, fearing that they gain more than we do, and as such, so we think, they are worth more. It is not, we are all equal in worthiness, let me get that straight right now. The great difference between people is not the inherent value, it is the mindset of poverty. Poverty of mind and soul is impossible ! It is technically, mathemathically impossible, in this world we all equate the same value. It is so.

Poverty consciousness happens between the ears. So we think about ourselves, so we radiate that into the world, and that world, the people will respond to that radiation. If you think you are not worthy enough about anything, the world will work with your thinking and will not give you more than what you think. Think about it, work with it. The more your find yourself okay and worthy, the more you shine. Your inner gold grows, so must your outer. The rest, of changing yourself from dark to light, is ALL in your hands.  Get rid of poverty consciousness and step in the natural way of being worthy. Start in your daily routine, every success in your daily little actions, is proof of your success in big actions. Polish yourself, 'worthify' yourself, in every thought, in every action and you WILL SEE THE MONEY ROLL IN. Do this, do not hesitate, change your way of life. Wealth is waiting to pour out of you. 

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