Give Yourself a "Thought" Massage

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A thought massage? Sounds wierd right?

Hi friends!

I would like to tell you how you can massage your body by just using your own thoughts!

Traditionally, the first thing that comes to mind when we think about a massage is warm oils, soft background music, and off-course a well trained masseuse. Well, that's awsome and there's nothing like getting a full body massage that has so many health benefits.

Sometimes however, in this crazy hectic world we live in, we sadly cannot find the time to attend to ourselves, or maybe going for a massage is too costly. For whatever the reason, why not treat yourself to your own massage?

Start here:

1. Before bathing, try and sit comfortably on a chair with minimal clothing. Take two deep breathes. Now focus on your body weight. 5 minutes tops. The mind calms down and this is simply an observation process. Try not to concentrate, just observe the sensations in your body and accept any pains there. 

2.  Apply some warm sesame oil already prepared, on the palm of your hand and start with the feet first working your way up. Always apply in a clockwise or anti-clockwise way that points to your heart. I chose to mention sesame seed oil as it contains both antibacterial and anti-inflammotory properties which is good for the body. 20 minute step here and don't worry if you can't get to every area of the body.

3. After the massage, take 20 deep breaths again and now lie down on a mat. 

4. With your back on a mat, keep you eyes closed, as we will start to focus on the body.

5. Start with your feet, the legs, thighs, genitals, each step slowly and gradually. Then focus on the hips, the heart, the hands and entire back. Finally focus on the neck, the top of your head, and then the entire head. Lastly focus on the entire body head to toe again. During this step, try not to breathe conciously. Let the body breath on its owm.

6. Now we are going to focus on the chakras. Start with the base chakra, red. The sacral chakra which is orange is next, then the solar plexus chakra which is yellow. The heart chakra is green, and then observe the blue throat chakra. Finally the third eye chakra which is indigo and the violet crown chakra is lastly observed. Seven in total.

Remember in this step, focus on the chakras not only on the front side of the body, but also on the back of the body. The chakras will be rotating in a clockwise direction. Make certain to keep your eyes closed through-out this process.

Finally keep lying on the mat. Accept your thoughts as they come. Acknowledge that your five different bodies are in harmony. They are the gross, mental, vital, casual, subtle and concious bodies. Our aim is to always live through our concious body.

When you are ready, open your eyes and sit up. Repeat once a day preferably in the mornings and before breakfast.

Thought is a thing. With the correct focus, you can create enough oxygen and blood circulation in your body. When the cells have enough of this, the pain goes away. The body also becomes more flexible. 

In this semi-meditative state, the mind starts pulsating and there is now nullification of the body and mind. In deep focus, you extend yourself beyond your bionic resonance, achieving a peaceful, and healthy mind, body and soul. The answers are always within!

To your Health!

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