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In this article I want to address one of the biggest blocks an individual can have with regards to their own growth and personal development.

So there are lot of limiting beliefs that are programmed into us from a very young age. One thing that I am particularly familiar with is the limiting and incorrect belief that successful people are born with something special that the rest of us aren’t. Therefore the rest of us shouldn’t try because we risk disappointment and embarrassment. The first problem with this assertion is the presupposition that failure to achieve our goals at the first attempt is a failure. If you are familiar with the adage “no failure, only feedback” then you will understand that we only fail when we give up. Seeing as we are infinite eternal beings that have always existed and always will, we always have the option to have another go. So in fact as long as you don’t attach a time limit to a goal, failure is impossible when we try to achieve something. In fact success is inevitable if we just keep going in the right direction.

There are plenty of examples throughout history that disprove the theory that some people just have it and it comes naturally for them. As Einstein said “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison just click on a name to find out more. Evander Holyfield lost his first amateur boxing bout and went on to become 3 time world heavyweight champion. the stories and examples are endless so cut that crap out now and know that anything that can be conceived can be achieved.



To achieve an outcome we need two things which are masculine & feminine or yin and yang. Muhammad Ali always talked about the skill and the will to be a champion.

The Will


The will is the feminine and is the driving force and the energy that propels the dream. It is the philosophy and belief but it needs direction and channelling. There are two forces that make up the will, attraction and repulsion. Attraction is created by visualisation of your goals. The brighter and bigger you make your picture in your head with clear, bright contrasting colours the more powerful and compelling it will be. Make it a real life video in your head of what you want play out, then step into it and see how it looks feels, smells, tastes, smells and sounds. Once you have this image as compelling as you can make it mentally step back and out of the picture and minimise the picture in your mind down to the task bar on your computer screen in your mind. Just like you do with Windows on your PC. It will still be running in the background but you mind space will be free throughout the day for other things. Do this when you wake up and just before you go to sleep at night. Maximise the window, step into the picture live it and then step out and minimise again. The advantages of attraction are that as you move closer towards achieving your goal the attraction becomes stronger and your progress speeds up. The disadvantages of attraction is that initially the force is weak and the outcome can seem a long way off, especially with bigger goals. You may need to make smaller progressive goals or use repulsion as your initial driving force.

Repulsion is the other force and it’s primary emotion is fear. The greater the fear the stronger the push to do something. The fear usually comes from what may happen if we don’t do something. The problem with fear is that the further we get from that fear the weaker it’s push is. A useful metaphor is when a boxer from a poor background who has striven to fight his way out of poverty “goes soft” when they become rich and can now live a luxurious lifestyle. So now you know the answer to the question “What is better the carrot or the stick?” Neither!!! You must gauge what is needed and use the appropriate tool. 

The Skill


The masculine skill provides this with knowledge, understanding and a set of principles in which the will can be applied. I refer to this as intelligent application. Neither one can function without the other forming a symbiotic relationship with the two. A balance must be achieved, for if the will is significantly stronger than will, this can lead to a lot of mistakes and going in the wrong direction. This can lead people to become disheartened due to the lack of results from the amount of effort given. Think of a released balloon that flies around the room in a frantic hectic zig zag motion for a short time, then is left completely deflated on the ground limp and lifeless. And vice versa those who get caught up in the theoretical side of the “How” end up not taking action. The procrastinators of this world often do this because they are afraid of not succeeding first time or it not being perfect.  It is probably never going to be perfect first time and its not supposed to be. If you don’t take action then you will never enter the critical feedback stage that is so badly needed for the progress you desire. Be aware the current trend in self development is very much in “taking action” but you MUST have a general idea of your direction and what you want to achieve and at least a little bit of the how. It’s a slight paradox because without the skill you will be blindly stabbing in the dark, however you only really properly develop the skill through experience. You must have some tools to begin with but you cut your teeth by taking action. Practice makes permanent and repetition is the mother of all learning.

There is one other thing that needs to be mentioned and that is your starting point. There is no doubt that some people are born with natural talents and abilities. These can be physical, mental and neurological gifts that mean they have a natural affinity and find certain things easier to do than others. But there is a saying “hard works always beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. A starting point is just that and has no relation to where you finish. We all know underdogs that beat the odds so we can see what is possible. Buster Douglas was a 44-1 outsider to beat Mike Tyson. watch this video and you will see what I'm talking about.

I have seen many very genetically talented athletes walking into a boxing gym and fall to pieces the first time they are hit by a guy who never had their natural gifts. The will wasn’t strong enough! The maths are simple, calculate the distance between where you are now and where you want to be. When the will + skill is emough you will achieve your goal. 

So I too have a goal of becoming financially independent and pursuing my interests around the things that I write about in my blog. Six Figure Mentors have made this possible for me and am the reason I am writing this blog that you are reading right now. If you would like to know more listen to one of the founders Stuart Ross here and you can gain more information about possibly fulfilling your dreams


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