Happiness is a by product if freedom.

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Rush rush, work work, stop to take a breath

Take a wage, swap it for your life

next stop death.


Happiness is a byproduct of our freedom, we work tirelessly to earn the money to buy us the things our egoic minds proscribes us, so we can become more important to others , attract more friends and this will bring us more happiness.

Happiness is ultimately THE thing we seek, we buy our fancy cars and shiny new things because we believe these will give us the trinkets of our desire that creates happiness. Bullsh**!
Happiness, real heart warming jump the moon, kiss a tramp happiness come from freedom, freedom of time, *freedom of work, freedom of thought, freedom of life

I was working day in day out running on the work / sleep treadmill like a blind rat in sewerage pipe underground the oasis we call out life, never stopping once to actually stop and take heed of the wonders that surrounded me daily.

This maze I had me trapped in a perpetual running race until one day I be deemed as no use and tossed on the heap to make way for the next poor sole, whilst I rotted wondering WTF did my life go?

Changes had to be made, I read books, I discovered spirituality, I sought help from Stuart Ross and began to believe there is a way out of this sewer.

But! In this modern world we need money, yes we actually do need it! except that fact and embrace it.I love money, it buys us food and shelter, cloths and shoes, takes us to experience the wonder of the world with our family, buys the seat you’re sitting on now, the device you reading this on. I LOVE MONEY.

We can't just up sticks and live in a cave, who'd feed the cat?

With a little help and willingness to learn you can create a new life around the important person in your life YOU, get back you time and start to be human again and live like you are meant to.  I got a free seven day course on how I created my happiness by creating time and financial freedom you can find that it here

Or you can learn more about me

Thanks you very much for reading I hope you've enjoyed it. Love Andy 


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