Have You Ever Felt Lonely?

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Why do people love me? Do they really love me? Am I worthy of being loved? Am I worthy of being listened to?

If I share how I really feel and what is actually happening in my life will they still want to hang out with me? What if I bore them with my stories? I have heard that things like meditation, Reiki and other alternative Healings can help me but what if ask people or I mention that to someone else and they look at me as if I was a weirdo?

I believe that just like epilepsy is a medical condition, being human is a living condition. With one, you are conditioned to take medication for life and with the other, you are conditioned to have self-talk filled with limiting beliefs that need to be addressed in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


If you imagen the brain like a sponge that absorbs through our 6 senses information and that the conscious mind can only understand 10% of all the information, you could then understand why sometimes we overreact without a clue of where those emotions came from.

Let me explain. Imagine that when you were a little one-year-old girl you had a very bad experience with a doctor but you simply forgot (your conscious mind did). With that same story 40 years later you don´t understand why you get so nervous when you have to go to a doctor although your health is generally good and nothing has ever been bad.

What could happen is that someone or yourself starts telling you that you are exaggerating things and that you just want to be the center of attention or that you are being too dramatic… Emotions never lie, it is important to pay attention to them. In this example, something did happen when you were a one-year-old girl, it simply never got resolved, that was all.

More examples are women who are having difficulties in relationships like a pattern where they don´t seem to find a solution and start thinking that there is something wrong with them. In these cases maybe they were simply unconsciously copying their parent's way of relating to each other or maybe an incident happened in high school and that was where the pattern began.


My intention with all of this is to let you know that this happens to all of us. We as humans have a condition that needs maintenance.

Just like we need food, or sleep we also need to take care of our minds and spirit. Let´s remember that we are amazing light-beings with a special mission while we live in a human-condition-reality.

It is my mission to empower women, to help them find out who they really are, discover their Archetypes. I want women to remember that they can love themselves.

I believe that there is a reason for everything and that if you finished reading this post maybe it is because I could be of service to you, so if that is the case you can click here and we can have a 15min chat.


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