Have you ever thought? THIS IS NOT MY LIFE!!

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I've thought this is not my life, I have shouted it, I even unleashed some terror on an unsuspecting couch pillow. In the course of 1 year, I experienced the following points of pain in my life.  I sold my small business as a Crossfit Gym owner.  I got divorced, received a huge IRS bill, feel lonely at times on the weekends, I am turning 38 shortly with nothing to show for it and, saw my bank account drop to 2 dollars and stay there for 4 days.


At one point I had a conversation with my Mom, she said it was the best education I could have ever received. From which I responded depressed, I didn't learn anything!!  I know what I learned (replying snarkly--it's a word) that I can take a beating!! I'm never starting another business again.  

 I couldn't tell you what day exactly it happened. Something inside of me started calling. Travis your Entrepreneur spirit is not gone. Little thought in my mind you should start another business. So, I started searching for something that would make me feel excited again. I knew that to have something different you must do something different. The idea of leverage and starting an online business really started appealing to me.  No overhead, high leverage, and the ability to work and travel.  The next question became what is actually out there?  I want something real no gimmicky get rich quick type stuff.

I found an amazing company that is helping me in some many ways I am learning the Digital Marketing Gold Rush skills while also loving the creative and human aspect of it.  I get to help people while feeling good and authentic.  It's amazing!!

There is a universal law that states if you want something you can have it.  It will be provided for you but you have to prove it with passion and persistence every day.  I can tell you something, I don't say this is not my life anymore.  

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