How To Use The Incredible Power Of Positive Affirmations

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How To Use The Incredible Power Of Positive Affirmations

It's astonishing to hear, that research has shown that you have an average of 48000 thoughts a day. That makes about 150 to 300 thoughts a minute. Incredibly, it has also shown, that for most people 80% of those thoughts are negative!

You still might remember your Mother warning you: "Be careful of what you think about because what you think is what you'll get!"

How To Use The Incredible Power Of Positive Affirmations

Think for a moment about what your thoughts are mostly like. Positive or negative?

Your thoughts tend to be more negative when you are not aware of them. Many people keep saying self-defeating and negative things to themselves.

Below video will give you a deeper understanding of this concept.


Are you beginning to see, how important it is, to change the way you think?

So let's see How To Use The Incredible Power Of Positive Affirmations For Yourself!

Affirmations (meaning a statement said with confidence about a perceived truth) have helped so many people make astonishing changes in their lives. But not for everyone. So what does it need to be successful with this method?

If a negative belief is deeply rooted in your unconscious mind, it then has the ability to override a positive affirmation even if you are not aware of it. This is why for so many people affirmations don't seem to work. Because their thought patterns are so strong, that they override the effect of the positive affirmation. What's the trick then, to be successful with positive affirmations? How to make it extremely powerful, in order for it to triumph over your negative thinking? 

Use the following steps in order To Use The Incredible Power Of Positive Affirmations For Yourself:

  • Take pen and paper, fold it in the middle and then write all the negative things you think about yourself. What are the negative beliefs you have about yourself? (For example, I can't afford a vacation, It's difficult to lose weight, I can't save money)
  • Unfold the paper and now find for each negative thought pattern a positive affirmation. Ask a close friend (or Google) for help, if you having trouble finding the right words. (For example, I can afford an exclusive vacation, Losing weight is easy for me, I'm extremely good at saving money)
  • Every day, speak out the affirmations loud. Three times a day for about five minutes should be fine. 
  • Place cards with your positive affirmations written where you will see them often. For example on the bathroom mirror, in your car on the dashboard, in your wallet, on your computer screen.
  • Ask a good friend to repeat your affirmations to you. If you don't feel comfortable with this, use a mirror instead and read your affirmations to your reflection.

As you start implementing your positive affirmations in your daily routine, you will see major changes in your life. Just take the first step now and do above exercise if you didn't do it already.

Wishing you inner peace, happiness, and success at the highest level

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