High Energy - High Incomes

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undefinedHigh energy is not only a state, it is a 'location' in your life right now. See, the location you are right now is in direct relationship with your energy radiation.

High energy compells power and determination, it begets enthusiasm and passion.  High energy radiates value and value is then something that comes back to you, in many forms. You can be anywhere : walking on the street, having a coffee, doing some work, talking to someone, yet, if you are in your high energy location, you get a high energy result in life.

Being in high energy requires a sense of balance too. Balance and high energy : the ticket to any sort of success. You are magnetic for people, and when you are magnetic for positive values, things that are out of alignment (like debts, worry) stretch themselves away from. You will only get positive value items, higher income, more money, more success.

After a few years of travelling I came back home and got myself a new address and a place to rent, looking out for papers of 'authorities'. I just received a mail where all potential debts were leveled out and I have a clean slate, whereas I could have expected a negative letter by no paying taxes for years. This is a result of being aware of what your energy location does, and on a deeper level, that the energy you radiate is benevolent.

If you value yourself, you shine, if you shine, you attract more value and all things are 'not value, but negative' cannot reach you. It is mathematical, it is how this world works.

Be of high energy, be grateful for life and see what happens in your life ! I hope this little text motivates you in a positive way.

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