How do you see success?

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How do you see success?

If we are talking about the actual dictionary definition it means....

noun: success; plural noun: successes

1.the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

* the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status.

* a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc.

As you can see from the above description from the English dictionary point of view, success means to accomplish an aim or purpose and also another version is to do this with the added gain of fame, wealth and a social status.

So thats the dictionary version, how do you see success?

Is it as clear as that, does achieving wealth and fame mean you're successful? In todays society a lot of pressure is put on people to achieve wealth and or fame. The new reality craze that is going around at the moment means that it seems like anyone can become famous, for not actually doing anything. There are tv shows based on it.  

With the influx of social media now it makes it easier for people to put their work and self out there if they have a talent in something. Which is a great platform as a lot of people have got noticed and had a better career from it. Especially in the performing arts, I have found this being a dancer there is no way I could achieve as much as I have without it.

All of these platforms are great but still, How do you see success? How would you measure it? Is success only a job?

Do you think reality stars are successful because in my opinion I don't initially, I believe once they get to a platform where they have that recognition that they can then become successful in a field they can flourish in. 

In the same way would you say for example that if two singers have the same caliber of voice and one has a record deal and the other doesn't, that the one without is less successful? That is what we are made to believe because being successful means achieving wealth or fame right.

But what if we looked at the other definition of achieving the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Using this example what if the singer without the record deal still got work as a singer, she wasn't super wealthy but she was happy to have achieved her goal and was living doing what she felt was her aim or purpose.

Is she successful? I say yes, mainly because she is happy. Wealth or fame don't matter to her she is doing what she loves.

 It's a perspective and success isn't only a job


Using the same definition of success we can see different perspectives of this word that means a lot to people, and plays a big roll in someones aims, goals and ability to see themselves as good enough. A success can be as small as doing 10 press ups one day, then achieving 50 the next week. 

I have struggled with this phrase "How do you see success" in my career as a dancer which in turn sometimes made me resent my chosen career path. But it's all about how I was looking at it, yes I wasn't getting work everyday which made me down. I would constantly have to look for work put myself out there, network etc, which drained me. But I know that if I wasn't dancing that I wouldn't be happy. I am so proud to say that after 10years of graduating I am still dancing, yes it's not everyday and there are ups and downs. But the ups are breathtaking and I have got work in my passion and been able to also teach and give back to people. So for me i'm successful and it has taken me a long time to see that, not only in my career but by believing in myself and working hard on me.

By pushing myself and looking for ways to keep my passion alive by creating more time for myself,I have been able to set up an online business which I can take anywhere with me. As it's online it goes with me everywhere which allows me to concentrate on my passion. It's aided me to continue to feel successful not only in my dancing but as a person to feel like I can look after myself. If your interested in setting up your own online business please click here to get your free 7 day video series, exactly the same one as I used.

I hope this has helped and I have got you to think about things a bit differently. 

Thanks for reading and good luck in all your successes.



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