How Spartan Discipline Will Change Your Life

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There is a reason why Spartans are famous for being warriors. Their warrior-like mentality can be reduced down to a pure and unrelentless discipline that governs their entire lives. Below are some of the quotes from the movie 300 which I think sums up the Spartan mentality, and if you implement them in your own mentality, you will become unstoppable.

Like I keep saying, in order to succeed you need to follow through on EVERYTHING that will improve yourself, others around you, and your environment. It all starts with DISCIPLINE

Your Level of Discipline Determines Your Level of Success

"No Retreat, No Surrender; That is Spartan Law."

It all begins with the resolution not to quit in anything that you do. This not only goes for projects and simple tasks, but also with the promises you make, when you say you will do something, you go ahead and do it simply because you said it. Period.

Quitting is surrendering to circumstance, letting external pressures win the day. When you decide to go on the path to greatness, you will come under attack, but when you decide that you will never retreat, that you will never surrender...greatness will reach down and help you up.

"Come Back With Your Shield - or on it" 

When you embark on that path, the path towards greatness, the path towards giving up that addiction, the path towards self-improvement; You must realise and you must know that the door behind you is shut closed, the only way is forward, and you only have two options, either return victorious, or lifeless.. 

When you convince yourself that whatever you do is a matter of life and death, then you will give it every ounce of energy that you have, there will be no 'try', there will only be 'do'.

With this in your mindset, discipline will be like a true friend, you will get up out of bed early, on fire to accomplish your goals. You will delay the instant gratification that comes from modern life until you achieve your goal - Your very life is at stake!

"Immortals... We Put Their Name To The Test"

You will come across many obstacles on your way, the path is filled with enemies that want to cut you down. Their names fill most people's minds with fear, but not you. No, you look at Failure in the eyes, you look at Bankruptcy square in the face, enemies like Weakness, Fatigue, Laziness, and you say: Let's put your name to the test.

You battle weakness by being strong, strength comes from never giving up, to always pick yourself up when the enemy slams you down; When he slams you down, you get up, no matter how slowly you get up, you get up.

You battle laziness with work. Laziness tells you to watch TV in your spare time, when you hear that voice, you instead pick up a book, you instead start writing that article, you go to the gym. That is how you put their names to the test, and that is how you win!

"Prepare For Glory!"

Ready your weapons and look straight ahead at your goals, looking past the hordes of enemies standing in your way. Once you've seen the glory that is waiting for you, turn your sights on to your enemies and smile.

Smile because you have seen what is available to you at the end of your journey. You smile because you already taste it, you already feel and smell it. You are preparing for glory.

Prepare for glory, know that you will reach your destination, your goals will be achieved, that addiction will be broken. Smile..because when you take your first step, glory smiles back, it knows you are coming for it and it is ready to welcome you.

"Remember This Day, For it Will Be Yours For All Time"

Remember the day when you start off, remember the enemies before you looking so confident and grinning at you thinking that they will cut you down.

Remember this day, and when you reach the end, you can look back and see another looking towards you, towards the enemies, those same enemies that you overcame. Tell them that it is possible, encourage them that the journey is hard..but it is worth it.

Your Call to Action

Will you go ahead and embark on your journey? Determined never to surrender, never to retreat. To go knowing that to retreat is to die, there is no going back. To face your enemies and realise that they are nothing, there is no substance to them, they only exist in the mind. 

Are you preparing for the glory that you KNOW you will obtain? And most important of all, will you help other warriors make the decision to walk the path as well?


If you want learn more about Spartan discipline then I would strongly recommend a book by Dominic Mann called:

"Spartan Discipline: How to Develop Spartan Discipline, Unbreakable Mental Toughness, and Relentless Willpower"

You can get it by following this link: 

Stay discipline and hit life hard!

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