How Successful Are You?

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If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary– Jim Rohn

Burning Desire – A Trigger  for Success

Success is not a measure of what you have but by what is within you (your core values). To be successful in life, you must first have a positive mind set about success. Every successful person in life worked towards attaining that success. And if you have the opportunity to speak to at least one successful person, you will agree with me that it all started from a passionate desire to succeed. The burning desire to succeed feeds your imagination to develop ideas/ways/means to succeed.

Without a burning desire, then it only becomes a wish. Ask yourself this question – What am I doing to make my wish become a reality? A wish without the burning desire to make it real would yield absolutely nothing. It is never made manifest. This is because you are repeating the same old process.  The process of doing nothing about the ideas would simply yield nothing.  You don’t expect a different result without putting in the work. You will end up with same old result. If you are not satisfied with your results, then it’s time to change your formula. Try a different strategy. Take massive action towards this new strategy and watch the tremendous result you get from your commitment.

In Every Success, there is a story - Rising Above Failure

Every successful person always has a story behind his/her success. He or she started from somewhere. It is like a journey that leads you to a destination. At first, it comes with an idea. The pathway to making your idea a reality will appear straight in your imagination. But the truth is, nothing good comes easy. The path would have some ups and downs. Imagine what a hedge looks like. It is wavy in nature that you keep going, missing your way and find it back. In the journey to attaining success, sometimes you fail. The ability to rise up when the going gets tough makes you stronger and focussed in achieving your aim. If you dig into the story of any successful person, you will find out that they have failed so many times before attaining the position they are in today. But the secret of their success lies in the ability to rise up against all odds and keep pushing until they get the result they desire.

Overcoming Challenges – The Mentality of the Successful 

Let’s look at the life of a young 16 year old girl, Kechi Okwuchi who survived the Sosoliso plane crash on the 10th of December 2005 in Nigeria. She didn’t let the plane crash mark the end to her true purpose in life. Being a plane crash survivor, she has gone through tough and rough times. Yet she never gave up. She didn’t let the event of the plane crash stop her dreams. She knew life had more beauty to offer. In her academics, she graduated with a first class honours degree. She was a speaker in the TedxEuston Show. She didn’t stop there, she rose to fame in a famous TV show America’s got Talent 2017 and emerged as a finalist. That is what I call the mind-set of a successful person. Not allowing the events of life define who you are. You have the ability to define your personality and potential. Today, Kechi stands out as an inspiration to millions of people who are thinking of giving up on life.

Learning From Experience – The Wisdom Key

A successful person learns from past experience. Whether it’s positive or negative, there is something always to learn. A successful person does not linger on past failure. Think about it, in the 24 hours you have in a day, can you add an extra second to that day to make everything that has gone wrong right? The answer is No. So why worry about past failures? Everyday has the potential to be the greatest day of your life if you realise that worrying about your failures can steal the joy of the moment. Only you can make the 24 hours of your day a pleasant one.

How you may ask? Understanding that failure comes with it a lesson. The ability to acknowledge the reason behind your failure, doing things differently and moving on from that point helps you to do things better. The moment you decide to move past that failure and focus on the future, then success is all yours.

The Mind - The Gold Mine for Success

Success starts from the mind. A successful person is always mindful of his thoughts. Ask yourself this question - What is always on my mind? How much attention do I pay to that thought? You must realise that you are a product of your thoughts. Reflect on your life. What have you had in your mind? And how has those thoughts worked for you? It may be that you are afraid of breaking some self-imposed boundaries due to life events. The events of your life doesn’t define who you are. Try looking at those events differently. Did you pick one or two gold nuggets from that event? If not, then why waste your time with the thoughts. Focus your attention on the positive things life has to offer, and life would bring abundance of positive flow into you.

Some may ask - how do I control my thoughts? Well if whatever that is going on in your mind hasn’t got any positive value to add to you or the people around you, then withdraw from that thought. It’s as simple as that. Focus your energy on what you want out of life. Be specific on what you want from your life. Remember you only live life once. You can’t recover any second that has ticked. It’s gone forever. So, be at alert about all the noise in your mind. As Tom Bilyeu says - We become what we think, be it empowering or self destructive thoughts. You eventually become a product of your mind.

Time – Vital for Success

Bearing in mind that you can’t recover any lost time, then why waste your time and energy on thoughts that would not add positive values to your life and the people around you. As Les Brown would say – The richest place on earth is the graveyard because it is where you find dreams that were never fulfilled. So why not make the most out of your life. Live behind a unique mark for the future generation to make reference to. 

So if you look up to one successful person, always remember that he/she has a story. In that story, they started from somewhere, faced challenges, failed many times, and risen above that failure before attaining success. Also remember it takes more work to remain successful. So start today to change your mind-set, take action and become one of the most successful people on earth. Your clock is ticking…

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