How to Create True "Value" for Your Affiliate Marketing Customers - Part 1

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Friends, if you are planning to launch a new affiliate marketing business or expand your existing business one of the foremost challenges is to create sustained "value" for your prospects and customers. This post series will try to shed light on this vital topic. So let's start from the beginning. There are two elements of "value" - actual (tangible) and perceived value. We also know that people purchase from businesses they trust. Trust is the foundation for creating value. No surpriuse here. The obvious question becomes - How do we establish trust in the marketplace? And while this likely sounds very basic to most of us, the lack of real trust will thwart our efforts to build a successful online business. Trust is created through a combination of sustained tactics - there is no one-off silver bullet for building trust. Customer testimonials are a perfect starting point. Customers stating via video or text that your solution both does what you claim it will do combined with an affirmation about how your product or service tangibly helped transformed you (and your customers) from point A to point B is very powerful. This principle can be applied whether you are selling professional training or coaching services, health improvement programs, educational resources for their college-bound children, etc. There is much more to come on this subject. To learn more why not sample our free trial video series today to see if our affiliate marketing solution is right for you. Simply click here ( Talk with you soon ... Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur

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