How to Find your Purpose

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Deep down we all have a driving force that gets us to where we want to be and accelerates us to achieve our goals. But what is this force? It is your ultimate purpose, designed to motivate you and push you to achieve your ultimate goals. Below I will show you how to find your purpose.

Where are you Now?

Before we move on to the actual exercise, let's first judge where we are at this moment in life. I do not mean physically, I mean in your path to success, your relationships, your passions and your goals. Where do you stand at the moment, and be brutally honest with yourself. This is not how you think others percieve you, it is where you truly are.

Write down your personal story right now, and reveal to yourself everything about your current life situation.

The next step, now that you have identified the areas of praise and struggle in your life, is to find the deep purpose behind your actions, which will give you a pristine clarity and helps you decide if something will work for your purpose or against it.

Finding Your Purpose

Now that you have your situation, let us reveal your true inner purpose. This exercise, made popular by entrepreneur Dean Graziosi, is called Seven Levels Deep. What you need to do is ask yourself a question, such as "why are you desiring self-improvement, or financial freedom, or to regain your time back?" Then proceed to ask seven "why" questions in sequence, with the previous answer restated each time. You will need to do this seven times, not five or nine times. Seven

When you do this through the first couple of questions, your answers will be coming from your mind, but we can go deeper. We are looking for soul deep, the true purpose behind the passion.

Here is an example from when I did it, and do not be afraid to let out tears and emotion as you go through this exercise.

  • My Question: I have had a desire to do business as one of my passions tht propel me to excel and find success. So I asked myself my first "Why" question- Why am I pursuing business as an entrepreneur?
  • 1. It's because I want financial freedom. But as anyone knows, there is always more to it, so I went deeper- Why do I want financial freedom?
  • 2. It's because I want to have the time and resources to help other people see success in their lives as well. But- Why do I want to help others gain financial freedom as well?
  • 3. I know how hard it is to live with very little time and money, and I want other people to have their time to spend with their loved ones and doing what matters most to them. Why is that? Let's go deeper.
  • 4. The reason is this, my family has struggled for so long now, working and relying on other people just to stay alive and step ahead. We have had some very very close calls that could have broken up the household, and I don't want that to happen to anyone else. Why do I want to stop the struggle?
  • 5. I find it is hard to live and express passion when in a constant state of overwhelm and stress. I want to give people access to a life worth living- one full of passion. Why do I want to promote passion?
  • 6. Love is fuel for me, and it keeps me going in times of dire straits and great struggle. I want to create a community that fosters love and passion to keep people empowered. Why do I want to build community of love and great passion? Time to ask the heart.
  • 7. When I was younger, my dad passed away. I have felt so lonely since then, not having that male father figure in my life to watch me succeed or help me when I needed a man's advice. I had to do it all alone. On top of that, not only did I lose him, I moved away back to my birthtown and lost all of my friendships and relationships that I took so long to build up. OUr family was even broken, blame and hatred waged war across bloodlines and we experienced a family divide. Our household fell into debt and we eventualy couldn't afford our new home. I lost my faith at that time as well, and no one was there to help me while I was forced to move on, skip childhood, and take care of my family in my father's place. Ever since 2006 when he passed, and losing more friends and family due to departure, divorce, or death, I have always felt like I was doing it alone, and I have always done things my own way with my young yet mature independance- just myself.
  • My Why: I have found my "Why" after probing deeper and deeper seven times, and to summarize it is this: I desire relationships, living a life with the abundance of passion and love

This exercise is so powerful because it brought to light everything that was troubling my soul and why everything I tried and did ended up as it has. My true "Why", my purpose, now guides me everyday to do the things that matter most to me. 

Try this exercise out for yourself, you will thank me later. I want to thank Dean Graziosi as well for mbeing an inspiration to me and a mentor, guiding me daily to achieve success I desire. He has a cool challenge called The Better Life Challenge, where you take 5 minutes every morning to do a simple exercise that aligns you to your path for a better life. Join me so you can try it yourself, and invite your friends to join you on the journey!

Also, earlier I mentioned my desire for financial freedom so I can spend my time building the relationships and doing the things I love most. After meeting some amazing people I am now on my path to achieve this, with a community of people I am glad to call my family. If you want to meet them and join this community, click here to begin your freedom lifestyle.

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Love. Passion. Success.

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