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“What a different story people would have to tell if they would adopt a definite purpose and stand by that purpose until it had time to become an all-consuming purpose.”

Napoleon Hill

It doesn’t matter how you think you arrived here on this planet or under whose direction – the fact remains that each of us has specific talents and gifts that are uniquely coded within our own DNA.

As you go through life, you don’t just pick up things you like doing by chance. You discover what you’re good at because you were meant to discover it, just as you were meant to figure out what your fingers do, and how your elbows work. Your unique gifts are hardwired into your system just as surely as your lungs are given their blueprint to breathe.

And it’s from these specific talents and gifts that you’re able to define and determine your definite purpose … the reason why you’re here. What’s in you cannot be found in another living human being. In fact, it’s quite possible that what you bring to the table hasn’t been duplicated – ever – since time began.

If you fail to determine your definite purpose, everything else is wrong. It’s like working with a broken compass – you may think you’re going North, but you’re not. You’re not sure which direction you’re heading, so, you’re just wandering aimlessly. Without your purpose identified firmly in your mind, you will wander through life, never quite feeling that you’re “in the flow.”

Your purpose in this lifetime is to do the thing that you love. People will tell you they already know what they’re good at, and what they love to do most, but they’ll never earn money doing it. Once you determine your purpose, you won’t have to think hard on HOW  – it’s as if you’re being guided by an unseen hand, heading in the right direction … and everything falls into place.

The key to your life is not that you settle for the “safe” thing that will bring in the money. The key is to turn and do what you really love. Fall in love with an idea.

That’s your life! That’s your purpose.

More often than not, when we think of “love,” we tend to think of two human beings in love. When they’re in love, they enjoy the same ideas; their feelings are in harmony. Love is resonance. Love occurs when two entities are on the same frequency. So, when a person falls in love with an idea, his conscious and subconscious are resonating … they’re in sync. And, it’s what’s going on in the mind that dictates the vibration of the body and moves the body into action. So, you must first allow yourself to fall in love with an idea … what is it you really love to do?

When you fall in love with an idea, it guides you …you don’t guide it anymore. Nor are you going to find yourself digging around for ambition or seeking to achieve your purpose. It’ll push you out of bed in the morning long before your alarm clock considers doing the same. What might have been drudgery for you just a day before is now grand opportunity and discovery. you’re loaded with ambition. The only entity that changed was YOU. In similar fashion, acting on your purpose pushes your ambition through the ROOF.… that’s your life’s purpose.

How To Past The Negatives To Find Your Truth
Purpose gives meaning to WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s time to listen to that inner voice, to give serious attention to what comes naturally to you … to what gets YOU juiced … to what gets YOU moving at the start of each day. It’s time to sit down and have a serious truth session with yourself. Nobody knows your gifts better than you – it’s an innate sense you have. I don’t care what your parents, guardians, teachers, bosses, and best friends have said in the past … and neither should you. In this session, don’t entertain ANY negatives about yourself, past or present, real or imagined.

Negative images have been crowding your mind since your first week on this planet. Even your first school papers were marked in red slashes when you were “wrong.” That red mark drew your entire conscious attention, even if it was the only mark on the entire page. It shifted your energy completely; you might have brooded about it for days; it might have made you fearful of the next mistake you’d make. In many cases, it’s this ongoing conscious attention on negativity and failure that keeps people from making any kind of different directional move in their lives.

You’ve had failings in your life. I’ve had failings in my life. When we fail, it’s not a fault issue – we simply were not in harmony with what we were trying to do. You might have a failed relationship in your past that’s left you with the opinion that it was your fault. You play the tapes back again and again rethinking what you said or how you acted. You’re so embroiled in what you should have done differently that you’re not seeing the bottom-line truth: The relationship was not in harmony, it wasn’t resonating.

See, the masses are obsessed with conformity rather than creativity. I know you’ve had a great deal of input from well-meaning people who would rather you just stick to the status-quo ... even if it’s making you miserable. In their eyes, the status quo is safer ... less invasive ... more comfortable ... and it doesn’t push them into thinking about their lives.

You’re an individualized, phenomenal expression of life. If you start focusing on the mysteries, the spectacular parts of you that come together in perfect harmony in order to just accomplish the writing of your name ... you begin to see the wonderful, complex person that you are. Add to that the ability to: paint in oils, put a car’s engine together, program systems that make thousands of people’s lives easier, play the piano without looking at a note, add and subtract reams of numbers, speak from a platform, match a person’s hairstyle to their personality and lifestyle, fashion chairs and tables from a log of wood, put to paper a blueprint in your mind that becomes an architectural masterpiece … and you begin to discover the absolute, awesome uniqueness that resides only within YOU.

Live your DREAM

What is it you love to do? Don’t bother yourself with what anyone else says. When you’re not on purpose, odds are that you’re not going to build in the right direction. But equally as important is this:

When you believe you’ve found your purpose, do not allow yourself to be dissuaded by others’ opinions – don’t allow them to tell you in which direction to build. 

If you’re not on purpose, EVERYTHING is off course. When you have the right purpose, you’ll easily develop the right vision.

When you have the right vision, you’ll quickly recognize the right goal.

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