How to Start the Day like a Rock Star!

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Hello friends!

How you begin your day will result in how you end your day. A positive start equals a positive outcome, and vice versa.

Most of us have our routine, nonetheless i am here to add my thoughts and experiences than serve me well throught my demanding days.

1. After waking up, while in bed, take 20 deep breaths. This allows for oxygen to enter the brain and provides a huge energy boost before even getting out of bed. When the brain lacks energy, we tend to feel lathargic, so rather give this a try.

2. After brushing your teeth, drink 500ml - 1 litre of luke warm water. This will allow for a morning detox, by washing all the deposits within your body, as well as rehydrating your body. So far, you have already pushed water and oxygen into your body.

3. Go to the toilet. This is critical, and we are now emptying our body from contaminants and detoxing from the day before. The less toxins in your body, the more energy you will experience.

4. Take another 20 deep breaths. This time, it is required of you to do this sitting up. This now allows oxygen to flow through your lungs. (Better than cigarettes!)

5. Time to move the body. (20-30 mins) Perhaps, go for a run, do some yoga, whatever the case, get the blood circulating and stretches the muscles so that your body is flexible and energetic.

6. Meditate. (20 mins)Our brain just like the rest of the body, needs relaxation. Meditation will allow for this as our brains are always on over-drive. Meditation will also provide clear focus to achieve your daily tasks and goals.

7. Have a shower. Rejuvinate with a clean and healthy shower, this will wake the body up even more. 

8. Offer gratitude. Feeling grateful in the present will bring more in the now, and the future. Give thanks and watch more come into your life.

9. Eat a healthy breakfast. Ok, the purpose of food is to provide energy to the body. Good food = = good energy, bad food = bad energy. Stay away from caffeinen, eggs, toast, and juices. Rather treat your body to oats mixed with sesame and pumkin seeds for extra added vitality. 

Follow these 9 simple steps, and watch your days become more successful, accomplished and fulfilled!

To your well being!

Nirdosh Maharaj

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