How using ‘The Law of Attraction’ has changed my life

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I first watched ‘The Secret’ when I was about 20 years old. I remember thinking how amazing it would be if it actually worked but I never consciously put in the time to try and make things happen for me.

But, without even realising I started practising the principles. First with smaller things, like visualising finding money when I was out walking. I often found money when I was out and about, I even found a $100 note on the side of the road once. Then I moved on to wanting bigger, more life changing goals.

This is how I used the Law of Attraction to get the results I wanted.


My first big experience with the Law of Attraction was in 2013. My partner and I had just purchased our first home which was an amazing feeling. Having spent all our money on the house, we had little left over for furnishings. Despite this, we spent our weekends perusing upmarket furniture shops and we had our eye on a number of key pieces.

We would keep going to same places and sitting on the lounge suites or lying on the beds and imagining that we really did own them. We were constantly talking about what pieces we would buy if we had $10,000. We kept talking about having $10,000 and what we would buy with it, over and over. We would get really excited thinking about it and imagining it.

We moved into our new house in the end of November and three weeks later we flew to Ireland to spend Christmas with my partner’s family. When we returned, I was going through our mail and I found a letter with a cheque for $9,800 addressed to us. We couldn’t believe it! We had spent so long talking about what we would do if we had $10,000 and here was a cheque for almost that exact amount.

For those of you wondering why we had a cheque for $9,800 arrive in our mailbox, I’ll explain. Our house was in Christchurch which was badly hit by an earthquake a couple of years prior to us buying the house. The cheque was from the Earthquake Commission for damage to our land. It was not something we were expecting and there was no obvious land damage that needed repairing.  We ended up using it to buy a superking sized bed, a lounge suite a beautiful television cabinet and some other smaller pieces for our home. Our wish for $10,000 came true.

Purchasing our second home

My next big experience with ‘The Secret’ was through the purchase of our second home. My partner and I moved to Waiheke Island a couple of years ago. Waiheke is a beautiful, picturesque island, 40 minutes by ferry from Auckland city. It is a popular tourist destination known for its vineyards and also for it’s expensive real estate.

We dreamed of buying a property on Waiheke. We really wanted to have a place to work in the garden in the weekends and carry out renovations, but we had no money for a deposit. This didn’t stop us spending our weekends going to open homes and constantly looking at what was coming on to the market. Most of the properties we saw were not much more than beach shacks and as my partner is a builder, he was not happy investing almost a million dollars in a house that didn’t have solid foundations.

We hadn’t been living on Waiheke long when we discovered a house on Wilma Road that we both loved and saw the huge amount of potential in it. It was well-built, only 10 years old and we had the ability to add a lot of value. It was in a great location and had a good garden for our dog. We kept going back to the open homes and talking to the agent. It was on the market for $825,000 which was obviously a lot more than we could afford.

That didn’t stop us talking about it. We talked about what renovations we would do on it if it was ours. I worked nearby and every lunch time I would walk past it. In the weekends we would drive past it and walk past it. Any other open home we went to we would compare it to Wilma Road and nothing came close. We would say, “Wilma Road is the only house on the island that we would buy”. We lived and breathed wanting that house.

The house at Wilma Road ended up staying on the market. They dropped the price to $775,000 then to $725,000 and still we watched with bated breath, hoping no one else would purchase it before we could. It went off the market for a few months over our winter and then I suddenly saw it come back on the market almost a year after it first appeared. It was priced at $689,000. I knew it would sell at this price and we had to find the money fast.

I decided to phone my parents. In the end they agreed to lend us the money for the deposit at a set interest rate. We phoned the real estate agent and booked a viewing. That evening we made an offer. After a few negotiations we settled on a purchase price, but it wasn’t over yet. We had to convince the bank to lend us the rest of the money. My partner had his own business but had only been going for 1 year. Usually the bank requires a business to be running at least 2-3 years before they will lend money. I put together so much paperwork. I completed cash forecast and profit and loss statements. In the end we received offers from three different banks through our mortgage broker and we were able to work with the bank who was our first choice.

We have now been living in the house for almost a year and we still love it. We are so grateful to have it and realise how lucky we are. We are also on track to pay back my parents early next year. I believe we got the house because of how much we wanted it and how much we thought about owning it. I believe if you want something enough you will carry out the steps to make it happen.

Starting my own business

For a long time now I have wanted to own my own business. I wanted to be my own boss and dictate my own working hours. I have always been very efficient at work and completed my days work in just a few hours. Having to then spend an entire 8 hours sitting in the office with nothing to do does my head in. I also wanted to make money for me rather than for someone else. Being someone who is very results driven and self-motivated I felt my own business would be a really good option.

Knowing I wanted my own business, I needed to come up with a business model that worked for me. I spent a lot of time brainstorming different ideas. My first idea was to buy furniture from Bali and ship it to New Zealand to sell through a retail store. There were a few problems with this idea. I didn’t have the start up funds to purchase products and bring them back to NZ. I didn’t want to have to work set hours and weekends. I didn’t want to have to hire staff to start out with.

From here I worked my way through a lot of different business models from buying a franchise through to selling products online and shipping them around the world. Every option included an aspect that I didn’t want.

In the end I worked out what it was I did want. I wanted an online business, I wanted to have little start-up costs so didn’t have to get a loan, I wanted to have freedom in my hours of work, I didn’t want to pressure to get items posted out and I didn’t want to end up doing something I wasn’t passionate about.

While I knew all of what I wanted, I didn’t know how to get it. I didn’t know how to set up a business online or how to market anything. I saw adverts on Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. but I didn’t know how to set them up. Desite this, I knew what I wanted and I was determined to get it.

Then one day, my partner was watching a video on YouTube when an ad popped up. He said I had to listen to it because it was advertising all the things I wanted. We had a discovered the option to have an online business selling other peoples products and earning money from them just by advertising a link to that businesses page online. It seemed too good to be true.

We did a huge amount of research and soon realised it was everything I had been asking for and more. I had found the Six Figure Mentors.


What I have learnt from my experiences is that writing down what you want in life and really experiencing it is a great way to get it.  My partner and I do this a lot, writing our goals down on a blackboard and including vision boards around the house. At the moment we are busy working on getting a four wheel drive truck and we are almost in a position to buy one. There is a picture of the truck we want on our fridge and another one beside our bed so we are always visualising it.

Never stop thinking about what you want because if you want it enough, you will make it happen.

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