How Do You Talk To Yourself?

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"Inspiration comes from within, and you can choose how to feel by choosing your thoughts..." MC

How Do You Talk To Yourself? Self-TalkWe all struggle sometimes by getting things our way. Maybe we achieved a goal already but we fail to not setting the next one, and we stop growing, flatting down. 

Changes are superficial and improvements probably are not much seen. Circumstances might be different but emotions are the same. They repeat cyclically every, more or less, same periods of time. 

We also walk through life avoiding certain uncomfortable situations and rejecting certain people that don't treat us as we would like them to. 

Then, we try to find solution outside ourselves, trying to influence situations and people around us, trying to behave in a polite way, in a normal way, in a rough way, we get angry, because we might believe that, if this or that situation changes then we will feel happier. 

Stop for a second... Words are powerful.

Our self-talk determines what we see outside, our experiences and perceptions, our emotions and how we consider ourselves. We become selective listeners, selective observers. We, in essence, prepare ourselves to see what we choose to see by deliberately tell ourselves "how things are."

Self-talk determines what we see outside BECAUSE that little voice inside ourselves "pictures" already inside what we will manifest outside. 

Have you been arguing (inside your brain) with your co-worker, the one that always have something to say about you, the one that always tries to humiliate you in front of others? 

Have you been arguing with him while sitting in your dinner table or watching TV, or maybe while driving home. And when you're already in bed before falling asleep?

I did it all the time until I discover that I was creating that.

I started by saying his or her name and then "...I love you." I repeated several times during the day, while driving to work, while falling asleep. The result? The day after that person sweetened, became kind and things changed. 

I do it all the time now, and in many areas. 

Did he change, or it was me the one that changed the freaking self-talk?

Also, think about when you make a mistake...

How do you feel? And even more dangerous, how cruel are towards yourself?

We, often, are crueler and devastating to ourselves than to someone else that maybe, did something similar. 

Everytime I realized I made a mistake, I used to say: "Marcello, you're a moron..., stupid and inept."

Now, when I make a mistake, I say: "...ok, shit happen... the next time I'll do this... Marcello I love you."

How do you feel about yourself in comparison with others?


This list could go forever but we stop here. 

Even if it sounds unfamiliar, let's start saying sweet and lovely things to ourselves, and in the secret of our thoughts, lets describe people and situations the way we want them to be...


Inspired by: My own experience with SFM/Testimonials around the world.

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