Made as intended 108 count Ho'oponopono Mala and Meditation

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Ho'Oponopono Music and Meditation collective- HERE

Hawaiian Mala for Ho'Oponopono -forgiveness meditation- HERE

-Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness

-Each bead is used to symbolically represent one of the following four statements of the practice: I am sorry, Please forgive. I love you and Thank you.

-Moonstone, an inner guide to hidden truths, Soul journey, and New beginnings.

Kyanite Empowerment minerals of limitless energies.

-Blue Lace Agate Encouragement, Support, Clarity, Awakening one's awareness of inner spirit.

-Rose Heart Quartz Stone of unconditional love, dissolves wounds.

-The stones are 4mm and the and the mala il 28" with 3" drop finishing in a Rose Quartz pendant.

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