Let Go of Frustration...

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Sometimes things don't go as planned, or rather often actually. You probably recognize the feeling of frustration taking over. You try to find a solution, but your thoughts are just spinning and you are getting further away from the resolving the situation?

Something like that happened to me this weekend. I had great plans and I was really excited, could't wait to begin!

But when I woke up on Saturday morning, I couldn't recall that feeling of excitement at all and my earlier plan felt overwhelming and idiotic. What was I thinking? Why did I need to pressure myself during a weekend? And my thoughts started to live their own life before I had a chance to stop them.

I abandoned my great plans that Saturday and decided to do better on Sunday. But next morning was even worse. I felt not only disappointment from the day before, but my resistance had grown to a size of an elephant and now I was panicking. What is wrong with me?

That's when I decided that I'll be nice to myself. My only choice was to let all these feelings go and to surrender...

My great weekend plans that I've made earlier that week were not in alignment with my energy. And all the resistance made things even worse. There was a war inside of me.

That's why I wrote this Instagram post on Sunday evening. And I slept really well, repeating to myself that I surrender :)

Have a great day everyone!


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