You Are Unique And One Of A Kind

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So many of us are living our lives feeling small and invisible. We don't think that we are enough, and we seek approval wherever we can find it. We are not enough before someone else says so...

Already in school or during childhood we get to learn that fitting in is the best option. You get awarded when you master to talk like others, look like others, think like others. Grades are more important than creativity and your own style (if you dare to have it) causes often only trouble.

So already early in life you learn that being different is not going to get you far in life, not without fight at least. So you enter this boring grownup crowd with rumors, complaining, job that you hate, marriage that only looks good on the outside. Time goes by and you forget who you are.

But the thing is that every one of us are unique and that's our biggest asset, our purpose! We are here on earth for a special reason, and we don't all have the same reason.

Give the word a gift and wake up! Dare to think what YOUR purpose is, what do you want to achieve in your lifetime and why? What makes YOU fulfilled? Be great, be you!

Have a great day everyone!


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