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Recently I have poured over Nevelle Goddard's book on imagination. Some ot the concepts he expains are starting to enlighten my understanding.

The thing I am starting to understand is that I am a being with an imagination. My imagination is not a respecter of persons or states of being.

My imagination conforms to the things I give it to imagine via my thoughts, feelings, decisions and expectations. These things create moods that seal or fuse my imagination into a conscious reality. This conscious reality creates my world.

When my imagination takes on or fills a certain set of thoughts and feelings it creates a state in which my expectations are somewhat comfortable to dwell in. They will continually go to the same set of emotions, feelings and expectations by default.

The good news is that myself nor my imagination is limited to any particular state. The state I may have just created or one that I have lived in for years.

I have always wondered why in John 14 Jesus said "in my fathers house are many mansions". Many being much or large as in large with plenty of choice. Mansions being place to stay, a dwelling, or abodes like one very large playground.

When you hear his words within you then you realize that there are many choices that you can use your imagination to make. Your imagination being the one that goes before you so that where it is, you may be also.

So in summery, you are an eternal being that can freely use your imagination to occupy a life different from the one you are presently living in. Your imagination of your desire, if persisted in, will create the state of affairs in and around your life that will mirror where your imagination dwells.

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