Incense Sticks - A Unique High Quality Blend

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Adi Da Rasa

Unique Blends Concocted for Bodily Purification,Harmonisation,  Relaxation and Meditation.

This Incense is Amazing and you Wont Find it in Many Stores (if Any). I Love Incense but unfortunately I respond very badly to Most or All by a sneezing fit APART from Adi Da Rasa Incense - I'm guessing due to the quality. 


Adi Da Rasa - 'Rasa' meaning 'scent', 'flavour' or 'the essence of enjoyment'.

All Natural Incense, Handmade in India According to a Generations - Old Formula.

Adi Da Rasa Variations

  • DA SANGHA - Inspired by the ancient vedic incense formula; stimulates the root chakras of the body - mind.
  • AVABHASA ("THE "BRIGHT") ROSE- Hand rolled, aged, masala oil, incense of subtle flora aroma, completely appropriate for all occasions.
  • SANDALWOOD RASA - A unique sandalwood blend that calms, relaxes, and purifies the body - mind.
  • HOLY CAT - An intricate formula used to  harmonise all the energy centres of the body. Blended specially to enhance meditation and relaxation...

Purchase Adi Da Rasa - 3 Pack

Authentic Quality! - Handmade in India from a 3rd Generation family run business.
100% Natural! - No synthetic fragrances or dyes - Super High Quality!
Long Burning Incense! - Burns for at least 40 Minutes each.
 Booklet Inside!- Features a Spiritual Booklet with a Life Changing Capacity .
It shares spiritual wisdom with everyone!
A Sampler Box is Also Available!

If you are Interested In Large quantities Ie 500 Gram packs (500 Sticks)..

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Enjoy and Relax


A Jolly Swagman


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