Inspiration And Desperation - The 2 Forces

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Hi there :)
Inspiration or Desperation. What is your WHY?

Meet Tina, a single mom with a fantastic 9-5 career who as a response to her cousins
success as a digital marketer makes the decision to sign up for online training so she
can work for herself and get her time back.
Meet Tony, a family man who grudgingly agrees to take on a project at work adding another three hours to his current 10 hour work day as a reaction to the increasing debt due to poor financial decisions.
What are Tina and Tony’s Why? The interpretation of that which causes pain or pleasure is definitely one of the differentiators.

“In life, you need either inspiration or desperation,” a quote from Tony Robbins that in
this video Daniel reminds us are the two driving forces that push people to make
change in their life.
While both require choices, inspiration is a response and desperation a reaction with the latter mostly attempting to move away from pain.

Tell me, does Tina’s choice to immolate her cousin and consciously create her future get you excited? Or does Tony’s reaction to a mounting debt of taking on more hours of work growing someone else dreams scare you enough to get moving??? Neither Tina nor Tony are any less of a person it is just the waking up stage or level of consciences that each are in. Both have a why they are being called to take action, however, Tina is paving a future while Tony is in survival mode.

As Daniel expresses in this video and rightfully so, whether it is desperation or
inspiration that is kicking you in the butt to make change be excited because the
The universe is talking to YOU. Just listen.

Click the link to check out the video and go ahead and subscribe……find your WHY!!!

BE happy. 🌸

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