Inspired Action

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Being inspired feels full of energy, with a clear mind and a vision of moving towards what is possible.  An experience like this lead me to move towards being a digital entrepreneur.  Sharing the success of such an adventure also gave me purpose in making my decision to participate in this learning and potential earning process.  I'm steeply into the learning curve of this process.  

The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) company offers an abundance of training designed to assist a learner grow in technical knowledge with support from people at different stages of the learning curve.  Information about SFM can be found in the banner below.

Inside Out or Outside In

While meditating this morning, this title for a blog came to mind.  So I went upstairs and asked my wife what her primary view of life is, giving her these two choices.  She said, "What!?? This doesn't make any sense cause it is both."  I agreed with her that for myself, throughout my life I have experienced both, however, it does make a difference.  Two other words come to mind regarding this conceptual look at life, empowered or powerless.  For this blogger, inside out feels more powerful and when it feels like life's happening to me, one of my reactive states of mind is to initially feel powerless.  I mentioned the steep learning curve above, when faced with the abundance of knowledge and skills to learn connected with this endeavor, I've several times felt overwhelmed.  So I draw back, get in touch with my original vision for myself and then step back into the process.  I'm choosing to view this as a "spiritual learning process," I refer you to my "A Source For Us" blog.

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