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Is money the root of all evil or is it the way we come by it; cherish it and what we do with it?

I believe that money is a necessary evil, if it is an evil at all.  I know that I have such a longing for it that it can’t be a righteous thing. 

I am trying to make some money through Six Figure Mentors as an Affiliate Marketer as well as an import/exporter.  These endeavours have not yet afforded me the money I have been desiring.  I know that the most successful entrepreneurs or business owners have the basic skills of patience and perseverance.  I unfortunately am an all or nothing kind of person.  I give absolutely everything in the first part, but if nothing starts to be returned, I give up.  I guess this is part of my illness where I don’t believe I actually have what it takes to be successful.

When conducting business I am told you need to start small and grow big, not have small dreams but just start the process with what you have in your hand now.  I think this is good advice but I struggle with knowing what I have in my hands.  I don’t know what I am good at or passionate about.

The teaching I have received stipulates to knowing what you want to achieve when starting out in business, whatever that business is.  For me, I wanted money.  Unfortunately the gurus state that wanting money alone is not long range thinking enough to create a successful business.  You have to know what you want to do with the money or the success. 

When I was thinking about what I wanted the money for, of course it automatically came to mind that I could help so many people out if I only had some more money.  I envisaged giving my sons a good start with their mortgages; repay a debt my parents have with my sister; having enough so that my husband can do all the travel he wants and not have to work. 

The biggest thing I wanted outside the family, is to build a Homeless Shelter.  I have the idea of having a facility where people could come and stay for as long as they like.  I would have psychologists; teachers; counsellors; cooks and child care personnel on hand to work with the homeless to give them skills to survive a difficult life.  I can see the building and all that it entails, so maybe that is my passion after all.  I don’t know how to make that happen overnight…again I need to be patient.

I guess when it comes down to making money, the real underlying thing I want is SECURITY.  I have lived with nothing for so long and been told I am worth nothing for so long, I just want the security of having some money behind me so that I can pay my bills and live a life without limit.

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