Is Talking To Myself Crazy?

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I have recently started to speak to myself. Not in a freaky type of way, I’m speaking into the mirror! You wonder why I’m doing this? Yes, I wanted to know exactly the same thing!!!

A few weeks ago I started a new morning routine and in one of the sections, I'm using affirmations to improve my mindset. I have tried affirmations before but it never seemed to work. Well, let me tell you that everything changed when I listened to an audio CD by Louise Hay and she advised that affirmations can be said while looking into the mirror.

So what do I do, next morning I’m sitting there with my mirror in hand, affirming away 😊

The “funny” thing was, it wasn’t quite that funny! It was really hard to say something nice to myself while looking into the mirror, I mean usually when I stand in front of the mirror I find something to judge and criticize... face, hair, weight – you name it, I judge it! So a lot of negative emotions surfaced while doing affirmations looking into the mirror. You wonder now why I still kept on going? Because I’m currently reading the book called Reject Me! I love it!, but that’s another story... and so quitting wasn’t an option.

For many days I would teeth clinchingly say my affirmations, not knowing what the real reason for doing that is, as it didn’t really make me feel better about myself but I just didn’t want to give up. I mean come on, I’m just looking into the mirror!

And then this morning something absolutely amazing happened! After completing the first few sections of my morning routine, my affirmations came next and you won’t believe it, I looked into the mirror and SMILED!!! REALLY, I SMILED at myself, no teeth clinching, I just smiled at myself and then got to work.

I was actually laughing with myself and had fun while doing the affirmations. If you would have told me that 2 weeks ago I would have told you-you are crazy!!! But now I’m so happy, as it really shows how a little bit of persistence pays off! I mean I don’t know yet how tomorrow is going to look like but today was amazing, just because of talking to myself in the mirror!

I dare you to try it too and let me know after how many days you will crack your smile open and tell yourself “I love you!” Don’t wait, start today, it makes all the difference!!!

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